Talking Point: Playing Games is a Privilege, Not a Right

Should all games be made as accessible as possible or should difficulty be dependent on the type of game being played? And are you owed anything?

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_Q_368d ago

"If you can’t find enjoyment in spending hours trying to beat all the levels and collect all the green stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2, or if you simply cannot derive pleasure out of the satisfying feeling you get after beating a particularly challenging boss in Bloodborne, or can’t appreciate figuring out basic patterns and telegraphs required to beat all the levels/bosses in games like Mega Man, Contra or Cuphead, then clearly challenging games simply aren’t for you."

That's all there needs to be said on the matter bu your title misleads as I assumed we meant design in the sense of content and "completeness" Well... thats what I immediately thought in which our dollars gives us a say or "rights" in a sense.

agent4532368d ago

Very good article but with crowdfunded games. It makes it a little difficult especially if the game is done through fig and say gamer decided to invest on the proyect by getting some of the financial profits once the game goes gold. In those type of scenarios the gamer does have a say on how the game is made.