The Witcher 3 PS4 PRO vs PS4 Graphics Comparison Showcases Huge Difference In Image Quality

GB's in-depth analysis of The Witcher 3 on the PS4 PRO.

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Wintersun616433d ago

I could't take this video seriously after the second time I heard "better quality pixels".

SojournUK432d ago

I couldn't take this video seriously when I saw 'gamingbolt'

Skull521431d ago

I couldn't take this video seriously after I read PS4 "Pro" and huge difference in image quality.

zivtheawesome432d ago

It seems someone forgot where the term higher quality pixels came from (its Microsoft).

TankCrossing431d ago

And what, that means its cool now? That's new.

DarthSocio432d ago

Don't see that much of a difference tbh

Dlaw76432d ago

Can't watch this on your phone

UKRsoldja431d ago

Why not? 1440p phones are common these days, just like the Galaxy 7 that I'm typing this on... You can tell the difference.

Ju431d ago

You can't. I have a XZ Premium (5.5" 4K) and no, you can't see the difference.

jc12431d ago

I dont see much of a difference either, and Im on a 4k monitor.

jlove4life431d ago

Get 4ktv then watch through youtube app or ps4pro to see difference

ILostMyMind431d ago

The difference is there, but we get used to top quality very quickly.

Ju431d ago

I agree with that. Couldn't see much...but I always do once I am switching back t the Slim. But it is subtle sharper all around.

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goken432d ago

i am playing witcher3 on the pro right now... i have actually not noticed ANY difference at all. but then again i am not playing on a 4k tv

seanpitt23432d ago

You should see a difference even on your 1080p TV but it won't be a big difference and you would need to see them side by side but the pro version should be more clean looking with the supersampled resolution.

UltraNova432d ago

So basically what you've just said is: you cant actually see a difference.

bluefox755432d ago

@ultranova Yeah, you can. Supersampling is a nice feature, and highly requested. It's not a game changer, but definitely makes a difference.

TankCrossing431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

^^UltraNova's point is that if you can only perceive a difference when you have them running side by side... you can't see the difference.

Unless you typically game with 2 versions simultaneously? That's one way to challenge yourself I guess.

(I'm not saying you can't see a difference by the way, and I don't necessarily think UltraNova was saying that either. Just sniping the contradiction).

UltraNova431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Tank, thanks - it seems we need to write a bit more self-explanatory comments here.

No I did not say/mean you cant see the difference. Hell most people wont be able to see the difference between a game running on a Pro vs Xb1x!

That said, I'm planning to go back to W3 and finish it on my Pro, on a 1080p screen and I 'll be sure to be extra analytical of the picture quality.

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tucky432d ago

Huge difference on my 4k tv

DoubleYourDose431d ago

What do 1080p games look like on a 4K TV? I have read that they look a bit blurry compared to running them on a 1080p TV. I'm trying to decide whether to buy a 4K TV but most of my games output at 1080p.

Ju431d ago

1080p looks just like 1080p on a 4K TV. Unless you get a $100 TV...

jc12431d ago

its not a huge difference, to say otherwise is hyperbole.

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zivtheawesome432d ago

The difference is mostly in sharpness.

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LastCenturyRob432d ago

The game is beautiful regardless, but I'm just not seeing a huge difference in graphics, overall.

Movefasta1993432d ago

Do you really see a huge difference between high and ultra on tw3?i prefer the extra frames over the max,not worth it

LastCenturyRob431d ago

Extra frames are always welcome....For this game I am just not seeing huge improvements....At least from the video.

Guyfamily999432d ago

The trouble with this graphics comparisons is that the Pro almost never improves graphics. It improves image quality. It will be more detailed and sharper on a 4K TV, that's all.

tucky432d ago

Which is already a lot

kevnb432d ago

Image quality and graphics are tied together.

Guyfamily999431d ago

Image quality refers to, well, the quality of the image (resolution, anti aliasing, etc) while graphics are the game world itself (textures, effects, models, etc). A Fifa game has undoubtedly better image quality than, say, Battlefront 2 (native 2160p vs Checkerboard 1296p max), but Battlefront 2 is more graphically and technically impressive. The distinction is important because the vast, vast majority of Pro patches do not improve graphics at all, and those that do are extremely minor. The Pro boosts image quality (clarity), not graphics.

kevnb431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

no thats not what graphics are. You don't see pc games with sections for "graphics" and then a separate section for "quality of image". I get what you are trying to say, but the terms you are using are incorrect. Many pro games up nothing by render resolution, but that is still part of the graphics and we dont call that setting part of the "quality of image" instead. I dont even see how it would make any sense to separate such a core part of the overall graphics from well, the graphics...
this might be helpful, although its aimed at pc games it will explain what graphic settings are.

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