Guardians of Arcadia a JRPG that appeals to nostalgia is coming to Xbox and Steam

FABULA EPICA are proud to announce Guardians of Arcadia a indie JRPG made from fans to fans is coming to Xbox One and Steam

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NoPeace_Walker229d ago

Nice! Hope it gets an XB1X enhanced feature.

Eidolon228d ago

Looks like a mobile game. Somehow doubt developers care about visuals enough to add enhanced features.

gangsta_red229d ago

Interesting, thought at first it was a true sequel to Skies. Will be on the look out.

LeeU229d ago

same the name made me think that but it still looks cool! I'll be checking up on this

228d ago
Xerneas229d ago

This is really cool. Xbox One should be getting more JRPGs. Sword of Art is also coming to Xbox One. Now it needs Tales and Dragon Quest.

gamer7804228d ago

I'll be picking up the sword art online game, want to encourage more Japanese games coming to xbox

DJK1NG_Gaming227d ago

Dragon Quest is never coming to Xbox.
Dragon Quest team just don't care. It's either all Nintendo, some PlayStation and PC.

Septic229d ago

More variety on Xbox is always welcome

FallenAngel1984228d ago

Nice to see Xbox One get thrown a bone once in a while

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