Robocraft Dev On Xbox One X’s Life Cycle: Console Cycles Getting ‘Progressively Shorter’

Producer Phil Davidson discusses Microsoft updating its console to keep it "competitive" with PC.

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trumpwonstopcrying44d ago

Ya know I wouldn't mind the upgrade consoles if they were more affordable. Or if they actually make them like a PC where you can just install new parts rather then replace the whole thing.

For example I'd rather spend $100 upgrading a ps4 or X1 than purchase a new console for $400-500

Many-hat543d ago

So a PC then? I understand your sentiment, but look through console history at ADD-ONS. Didn't go well, did it. Thing with consoles is their uniformity. The reason why X1X will utilize more of it's memory for games, than PC, is because of a constant spec for all X1X's. I agree with you on price point though. And I think next gen upgrades will be cheaper. At least we will definitely get BC for all machines going forward.

FallenAngel198444d ago

They still seem set on the 6 year average that most console lifecycles last. PS4 & XO will last even longer

LordCheezus43d ago

not being competitve with the pc is why i skipped the original xbox one and ps4, now the xbox x is here, although not quite a true rival to a decent gaming pc, its at least close. I would hope by the next generation both the ps5 and xbox whatever its going to be called will level that playing field even further. if not i wont be buying them either.

NickAwesome43d ago

Consoles were perfectly fine the way they were, why did they need to change the winning formula is beyond to me (4k is not an excuse), it's not like they are selling more consoles than before, the ps2 didn't have an iterative console and sold 150 millions, how about that?

freshslicepizza43d ago

Nobody had cellphones back then either, not sure I understand your point. Gamers have changed over the years.

NickAwesome43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

is gamers that have changed or the corporate greed is out of control? also consoles and phones are a diffent kind of tech