5 More Book Series That Should Be Video Games

Some of the world’s best stories are no doubt found in books. With gaming becoming more and more popular as the years go by, it’s about time that some of these tales are brought to life as video games.

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kalkano347d ago

My votes would go to (in no particular order):

The Runelords
Wheel of Time
Stormlight Archive
Kingkiller Chronicles

Yohshida347d ago

Basically your 0815 books, why not dive deeper into it and ACTUALLY find some hidden gems. I always though the GENESIS series would be a perfect fit for a Video Game series:
Sadly its german only, but a new AAA DUNE game sounds awesome.
I always loved Isaac Asimov's The Currents of Space, which would be perfect for a video game. Something different would be Heart of Darkness from Joseph Conrad, not your typical game, it would be a way to show the horror of the colonial age, mixed with a great Story the game would be a masterpiece.