Battle Royale Game Announced For Nintendo Switch

Black Riddles Studios has announced that they will be bringing Crazy Justice, the Nintendo Switch's first game with a battle royale mode.

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BlackRiddles44d ago

(We are the developers of Crazy Justice) Thank you so much, have you checked the Fig campaign page? :D

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TheRandomOne44d ago

Watch out here comes Blue Hole

Segata43d ago

Devs of PUBG. The ones trying to get Epic to remove Battle Royal mode from Fortnite.

badz14943d ago

I think Blue Hole should check out Prison Royale in Roblox. basically PUBG in Minecraft-style. still in testing though. But hey...testing...early access...kinda like the same thing, right?

yeahokwhatever43d ago

You're ignorant, TheRandomOne. BlueHole isnt upset at Fortnite because of the general game mode. Whatever though, stay under your rock where its nice and comfy.

TheRandomOne43d ago

They are upset at anything Battle Royale in the title / they feel is copying them

EddieNX 44d ago

Nice! Looks promising. Physics and graphics look good

BlackRiddles44d ago

(We are the developers of Crazy Justice) Thank you so much! :D

EddieNX 44d ago

Is it Unreal Engine 4 you're using?

I'm sure Switch owners will love this as it's the first battle royale experience which is really popular atm 😊

BlackRiddles44d ago

Yes, we are using Unreal Engine 4 to power Crazy Justice, yes 74 backers already bought the Nintendo Switch version of the game on Fig, however the Battle Royale mode only announced yesterday :D And there are several backer who've supported the development with higher bundles :D So we hope that our campaign will be successful and we could move forward to publish the game physically :D

C_Ali8843d ago

Majority of backers are on Switch, overwhelmingly so. So why even support the other versions?? 3 backers for Xbox?? Given PUBG on the system why even try? Seems like a waste of resources and time when you are unlikely to recoup on those investments. Steam and Switch, maybe Ps4 if it looks as demand is there (which it doesn't).

Over 90+ backers on Switch ALONE.... You need to reward these people because they are the reason why your game will be funded. Don't play the field just for the sake of playing the field.

ninsigma44d ago

Cool stuff. Looks a lot like fortnite battle royale. This looks like it would be fun to just whip out and play while you're on the go.

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BlackRiddles44d ago

Thank you so much! :D Have you checked the Fig campaign page for the further infos/videos? :D

BlackTar18743d ago

I tend to live my life based on " Whip it out and start playing"

i3eyond the Circle44d ago

Player Knowns Skirmish Area. Switch Exclusive

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