VR vs. Half Measures

Videogame developers need to stop using VR as the cherry on top, and start using it to bake the whole cake.

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Apocalypse Shadow278d ago

To know product development, is to know the answer to this article's question.I welcome deeper VR titles like we see with flat screen gaming. But I know that these titles take time to be made. Smaller titles are made until more consumers have a headset. Then, bigger titles are developed.

Case in point: launch titles for consoles. How many GTA, Horizon, Witcher, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Zelda, Mario, etc titles are made at launch of a console? Typically not. Most big titles do not launch for a platform because they are too expensive to make and there are not enough users to make back a developer's investment in a game.

Pick a generation, and the first year has good games, but not deeper, quality titles until after a developer gets used to a platform. VR is in its first year where developers are getting used to the hardware and VR design. When more headsets are purchased because it's affordable, just like consoles are purchased, more games show up. Every generation has this happen. To forget this obvious, common sense thing, is to not be knowledgeable about gaming.

And no, it's not necessary for big developers to make VR games. Big developers are just as in the dark as Indie developers on what's makes a good, fun game in VR. The teams that made super hot or job simulator weren't big AAA companies. But they made super fun game to play. A fun game doesn't require 50 million dollars and 100 hours of play. It just needs to be fun.

I say big games aren't necessarily required because PS camera and PS move sold about 20 million. And there wasn't any uncharted, god of war, GT, FF, etc made for it. Kinect didn't have halo, gears, mass effect, bio shock, Forza, etc made for it and it sold over 25 million. And Wii didn't have Madden, Cod, battle field, ghost recon, etc made for it and the system sold 100 million.

VR games and headsets just need to be fun, easy to use and inexpensive. Bigger games are always welcome, but not required to have fun.

Rangerman1208277d ago

This is the problem I have with Dying Reborn. Instead of the VR game to be the full game, is basically a paid demo.