The Xbox One is Helping Me Play Catch up on a Generation of Games I Missed

UsGamer: "During Xbox's rise, I only had a PlayStation 2 and much, much later in its life cycle a PlayStation 3 (after saving up from my silly job at GameStop in 2011). While the rest of my friends bragged about their Xbox 360s and obsessive achievement hunting, I was left playing catch up with weird JRPGs, Uncharted, and other miscellaneous exclusives on the Sony end of things. But it wasn't Halo. It wasn't Gears of War. I felt like I was left behind by the trends.

While I feel like I missed the boat on the console family's golden period, after hooking up my new Xbox One, I thought to go to Twitter for recommendations for its necessary exclusives. I knew the big games that I had skimmed over in Xbox's absence in my life—Halo, Gears of War, Alan Wake—but wanted other recommendations as well. After building a hearty list, I went to Amazon to pick up a few titles."

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Tghood85344d ago

Yeah well now you're going to miss this gen dope