Why Play a Secret of Mana Remake when there’s the SNES Classic?

Polygon: "When the SNES Classic launched at the end of last month, among the most exciting inclusions for me as a longtime JRPG player was Secret of Mana, Enix’s beloved multiplayer adventure. And the thing about the SNES Classic that I love so much is that its entire library of games, the RPGs included, still holds up.

That’s why a Secret of Mana remake feels redundant right now of all times. When Square Enix announced it was revamping the classic for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam in honor of its 25th anniversary next February, old-school fans were unsurprisingly delighted. But after playing an early portion of Secret of Mana at a Square Enix event last week, I have doubts that anyone with a SNES Classic — or access to one — will find a need for this remake."

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PhoenixUp343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

With a question like that, why even buy a SNES classic when you can get Secret of Mana for cheap on Virtual Console, PSN, and mobile devices?

Elda343d ago

Classic Secret of Mana is not on PSN or the store.

PhoenixUp343d ago

I got Secret of Mana mixed up with Chrono Trigger in my mind cuz the art style was similar. CT is on PSN while SoC isn't

bf000777966343d ago

why play the origin when there is a remake?

Xenophon_York343d ago

Why let out the air in your lungs to take in a new breath? (These stories insult readers' intelligence.)

InKnight7s343d ago

Why play ps4 aince you have Ps1 😂 why play online when you can play offline

Silly gameAr343d ago

Because I've already played the original so now I want to play the remake because I loved the game back in my childhood. Plus, I get to play it on PS4. What a pointless article.

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The story is too old to be commented.