Nintendo learned from two huge mistakes with the Wii U to make the Switch a runaway success

For Nintendo, it's been a rollercoaster of emotions — and sales numbers — over the past decade.

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chris235349d ago

nintendo learned? last time i checked they are still stuck in their usual subpar approach. no sign of having learned something.

Prince_TFK349d ago

Which is why the Switch sold as bad as the Wii U right?

jaymacx349d ago

Even if you aren’t a fan of Nintendo, they without a doubt did something right that got them in the current position they’re in. Have they corrected all of their past mistakes? No.. but they corrected some important ones to get people excited about Nintendo again.

TheEnigma313349d ago

To be fair, if Nintendo made a traditional console they may not have made it this gen. They definitely pulled the right move. They have games coming at a faster rate than the WiiU; They did learn. They're only problem right now seem the be online play, which can be fixed later.

Prince_TFK349d ago

I agree. Nintendo can’t compete in traditional console space with the PS4 because most of their titles are tailor made for handheld experience.

Not that i’m complaining or anything though, I’m having a blast with the Switch with Stardew Valley right now. Can’t wait for Mario O. Nintendo had made the right decision with the Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

That logic makes no sense; Nintendo's titles are not all tailor-made for handheld. In fact most of Nintendo's first party stuff for the Switch have been home-console-grade games in scope and design, with only a few small exceptions like Snipper Clips and 1-2-Switch, despite what the naysayers are going to tell you.

If anything, Switch, as a true Hybrid, is pulling double duty and is still winning over way more people than none-Switch-owners are willing to admit; but the time 2020 rolls around the Switch could very well be within striking distance of the Wii's numbers, if Nintendo plays their cards right and continues the momentum that the Switch's first year is having right now.

Can you imagine having a big title every month for two years straight, with only a moderate slowdown going into the third due to development times?
If anyone's got the number of IP's needed to do that, it's Nintendo. It really just depends on whether they've got more big-name indie titles to accompany them as well.
We might also see some new AAA third party games from people like Bandai-Namco and Squeenix, too, so there's really no reason to think that Nintendo can't compete with the other two just because they've got a Hybrid instead of something traditional and multimedia-focused.

Though I WILL say that their online efforts thus far have been disappointing, and that they're going to have to step up their game if they want their paid service later on to be worth paying up for.

InTheZoneAC349d ago

I bought a Wii u and not a switch. Nintendo needs to learn not to step over customers and if you decide to abandon your small fanbase then provide an incentive for those loyal customers to make the jump

porkChop349d ago

They gave the Wii U 4.5 years, despite it being a failure. And they gave the system a ton of great games. They didn't step over anyone.

DJK1NG_Gaming348d ago

Uh not really. Nintendo gave the Wii U all the time it need. Nintendo Home Console are usually 5-6 years depending on the success of them. Wii U was the worst performing of them and it was cut a year shorter.

Benjaminkno348d ago

WiiU still has some of the best experiences ever.
It has plenty of titles.
It also plays Wii games so idk what you're talking about

SR388349d ago

As much as I love my Switch, I want a GameCube 2.0 ;p