ECHO Director Martin Emborg Announces Release Date and More

Echo is about to launch later this week for PlayStation 4. The company behind the game has since released a full blown gameplay trailer for fans to enjoy.

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morganfell345d ago

I loved in on PC. The AI learning and the Blackouts were great innovations. Rose Leslie's voice work was spot on. I loved the fact they gave away almost none of the story before launch.

ThatDudeMunkee345d ago

Glad to hear this. I'm waiting for the PS4 launch tomorrow.

morganfell345d ago

Its one of those games I will dual purchase simply because the devs deserve the support for their innovation.

ThatDudeMunkee344d ago

My information was used from the press kit that was delivered to me by the games publisher. The video they gave us (which is that one) is in the article. Thanks!