CS: GO is The Most Followed eSport In The World According To Nielsen

Nielsen, a TV rating company has done research regarding eSports and found some very interesting statistics. CS: GO is the most followed eSport in the world, with League of Legends right behind.

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AnubisG434d ago

eSport 🤣🤣🤣 29315; love how they call gaming a sport😂😂㈳ 4;😂

nowitzki2004434d ago

Who called it a sport? It says eSport.

AnubisG434d ago

It's in the name isn't it? eSPORT.

Xenophon_York434d ago

I wonder how Counter Strike will evolve further if a new Half-Life 3 engine isn't made by Valve? It's got to be stretching its lifespan by now.