Cross-platform play is more complicated than you think: WWE 2K18 producer

Gadgets 360 says: 'So it appears that one of the stumbling blocks appears to be the commercial aspect of cross-platform play - what if one is playing with a certain in-app purchase or a certain transaction, season pass for that matter, would that impact everyone else on other platforms? Little believes so.

“I would assume so. These are things that I know if I was them I'd have to think about, they're very complicated. It gets into all sorts of crazy, crazy terms of service problems as well. What happens if one service's server is down and not the other? It seems that on the surface it should be ‘oh why don't we let it happen Sony and Microsoft?’ but when you actually sit down and know how the insides of these things work and all the legal behind games - and there's a lot more legal behind games than people understand, it gets a lot more complicated,” he says.'

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freshslicepizza435d ago

“I can only imagine the complexities of those conversations between the two [Sony and Microsoft] and some of those of complexities come in the areas of stuff like purchasable content and if ‘we allow cross-platform play, what does it mean to purchase on one platform and play it on the other.’

No more complex than now where you have those who own purchaseable stuff. Why is it so easy to offer cross platform play with the PC?

“You should call Microsoft and Sony. And Nintendo I guess. I mean, it's something everybody has been asking for. Obviously, first party [console manufacturers] hinted at it for a little bit for a little while there. And then went quiet on it. Something we asked them about all the time what their plans are and if there are any plans. Usually, we don't get many answers back,” he admits, suggesting that its a lot more complicated than flipping a switch"

There you go NO ANSWER BACK. Hmm, I wonder who that is.

wonderfulmonkeyman433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

Look man, just because Microsoft was an ass for doing it last gen, doesn't make it okay for anyone else to do it THIS gen.
The whole "revenge" angle for steering clear of crossplay is childish and petty. We're bigger than that. Or at least we should be, as gamers.

TankCrossing433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

So if I buy some skins or characters on a game on the PS4, and then I log in on the PC, should I be able to use those items? What if I log onto the Xbox version? What if I buy an item on my PS4 account, drop it in game, and an Xbox user gets to pick it up and use it? These shouldn't be complicated questions but in each case the one platform holder got a cut of the money, and another one wants to protect their own interests and make sure they can't be cut out.

The 'walled garden, platform holder gets a cut of everything' setup is a core principle of the console ecosystem. That's the primary reason cross-platform isn't easy.

wonderfulmonkeyman432d ago

That hasn't stopped the Rocket League devs; they figured out a way to offer console-specific treats while still enabling cross play, so that excuse doesn't really fly anymore.

TankCrossing432d ago

Rocket League is a fine example. You can't trade any items cross-platform (whether you earned them through gameplay or had to buy keys) for the very reasons I'm talking about. The devs have explained that there are strict policies in place that prevent the trading of anything across the platforms. In Rocket League the boundaries are pretty clear and easy to implement, but not all games are so simple and any global policies that MS/Sony etc lay out will need to cover the gamut.

There is also the fact that, much as I respect what Psyonix are doing trying to pioneer the feature, Rocket League is also a far cry from the cross-platform experience that people actually want. I actually have Rocket League for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. My sons play it too. We're in the same house, playing a cross-platform game, and the only way we can actually play together is splitscreen. I see very little value in cross-platform as it stands there, besides boltersting the matchmaking pool.

wonderfulmonkeyman434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

Oh yeeahhhhh, it's gotta be suuuuuper complicated./s
So much so that poor little indies like the Rocket League devs, with so much less money than the big AAA third party producers, could never EEEEEEVER afford to research how to make it happen, let alone ask for it to be a thing on every console they bring their game to, especially because "no one cares about crossplay"... Oh, wait...

GamingCentaur433d ago

Sounds like you bought the wrong console. Buy where your friends are at. PS4.

Septic433d ago

What if you have mkre than a few friends playing on differing platforms??

wonderfulmonkeyman433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA, good lord, you actually think I'd be FRIENDS with most of the PS4 fanbase, after how most of them treat ANYONE that owns a Nintendo console, let alone a Microsoft console, instead of just sticking to PS4 and PC if not PS4 alone?
I'm sorry, but no. Just no. Most of those I've met just aren't nice gamers the moment you mention having anything other than a Playstation.XD

Centaur, my good fellow, bless you whole-heartedly for being so unabashedly hopeful in your efforts to try and recruit me [XD], but when I get my PS4, I'm still focusing mostly on single player games, and am most likely going to be staying far clear of that cess pit of a fanbase.

There might be a few games I'll play with a very small selection of PS gamers that are not as horrible as the rest of the scum I've had the misfortune to run into.
IF, someone pays the paywall fee for me as a gift, because I don't believe in paying for online multiplayer on any console, Nintendo and Sony included, if not especially.
But I can tell you right now that many of my friends who do own a PS4, still agree with me and don't really mingle much with the rest of the PS4 fanbase.
It's just not worth it.XD

I didn't get the wrong console when I bought a Switch.
I bought the right one.
I ALWAYS buy the right one, because I don't stick to JUST one, like so many of the naive PS fanboys do.
I've had multiple consoles since the Atari and NES era, and had a PS2 right alongside my other consoles, as my first Sony console.
I don't need to be recruited; I've been a fan of many of the games on Sony consoles for years now.XD

Of course, if you're offering to be my friend on it once I do have that PS4, I might consider it, assuming you're not the type that would bash me for "having the wrong console" again if I start talking about anything other than PS4.
Otherwise I'm afraid your recruitment efforts are better spent elsewhere; I'll likely be too busy playing Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Mana remake at that point anyways, alongside stuff like Xenoblade 2 and Doom/Wolf/Skyrim on Switch, to pay attention to any bashing that anyone from that fanbase would direct towards me.XD

Fgfttfgff433d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman you didn't have a problem with half the gamers that came to playstation from XBOX. Aloe Vera is sold at cornerstores if you feel some burns.

wonderfulmonkeyman432d ago

Jokes' on you; I never "owned" an XBox due to a combination of both bad fanbase and lack of games that interested me, but the fanbase was the bigger issue, during the brief time I came into contact with it via renting an XBox.
The reason I point out the PS fanbase in particular, is because I have the most contact with them compared to the Microsoft fanbase due to owning Sony consoles and frequenting Sony sites to check up on games.

The only burn here is the burn-out your tiny brain just suffered trying to be clever, so sit your ass down and take a load off before you hurt yourself.XD

Liqu1d433d ago

Your inner fanboy is showing.

wonderfulmonkeyman432d ago

You mean "ANTI-fanboy", buddy.
I own a PS2 and PS3, and will soon own a PS4 with plenty of good single-player games. You don't have to like the fanbase or be a fanboy in order to like a system, so don't lump me in with the cess pit PS fanoys.XD

Liqu1d432d ago

No, the mental breakdown you had where you generalise the PS4 and Xbox fanbases as being horrible based on your imaginary experience with them is embarrassing and highlights your overwhelming bias for everything Nintendo. Hating an entire fanbase because they play on a different console to you is extremely pathetic. Get a life, seriously.

slavish0434d ago

Lmao I wouldn't expect anything from this copy and paste developer. Look how little innovation you see in this series and you expect them to take this step forward?

Tko1111433d ago

Steam says hello. Nintendo says hello.

freshslicepizza433d ago

Rocket League?

Nintendo, "great idea!"
Microsoft, "just get it done"
Sony, "umm, what about the children?"


Nintendo, "sounds great for this game"
Microsoft, "the possibilities are endless and upgrading th game for everyone is good for everyone"
Sony, "the stakeholders said no, sorry PS4 fans"


Epic, "you know it kind of makes sense that Android cellphones can make calles to iPhone cellphones"
Sony. "......" crickets.
Microsoft, "it is up to publishers to enable crossplay, ask them and others like Activision (Call of Duty) why they won't enable it"
Epic, "accidentally turns it on"
Sony, "...." no public comment
Microsoft, "no, no, leave it on"
Sony, "...." no comment

Liqu1d432d ago

Not going to mention MS telling Epic to remove Xbox-PC crossplay? Didn't think so.

rocketpanda433d ago

Didn't Epic game have Fortnite available as crossplay as a "mistake" briefly a few weeks back? I don't see how complicated it is when a developer made it available then quickly didn't!

Fishy Fingers433d ago

Logistically and technically it’s not a challenge, it’s the bureaucracy and red tape that pose the problem.

He explains more or less that in the article.

TankCrossing433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

Technically doing it "right" is still a bit of a challenge (ie with social features like friends lists). Rocket League devs are working on their own platform agnostic friends list, which they shouldn't really have to. That's not good for the dev or the consumer.

You are right though, bureaucracy and red tape are a lot harder to cut through. Rocket League can't offer trading of items cross-platform, which is a simple enough solution for a simple scenario. For some games it'll be a lot more complicated to unpick content and marketplace sharing, and the policies and rules that cover more complicated scenarios need to be set.

Still that's their concern, not ours as consumers. They need to get their heads together and sort that shit out.

GamingCentaur433d ago

You have poor reading comprehension.

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