Here is Grand Theft Auto V running in 10K with more than 60fps on the PC

DudeRandom84 yesterday released a new video, showing Grand Theft Auto V PC running in 10K. Yeap, you read that right. We're talking about 10K resolutions.

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DarthSocio402d ago

the textures aren't even 10k so what's the point

bouzebbal402d ago

i think console gaming has become a disgrace..
instead of enjoying the games this new gen of morons are only judging the game by how "good" it runs..
i feel sorry for you

C-H-E-F401d ago

@bouzebball you do know this is a PC right? lmao why you coming for consoles you trippin. hahaha

TankCrossing402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

That isn't really how textures work. You don't typically map a single texture to your display, there are loads of them on display at once.

For argument's sake, say you have a 1080p display the assets and textures are all designed for a 1080p display. What happens when you walk back a little, and have 4x as many of those assets on screen? You just lost 75% of the detail in the textures and geometry.

On a 4k screen (and assuming you have the GPU power for it) you could display 4x the 1080p assets at once in full detail.

Tzuno402d ago

Exactly, developers need to work on more realistic graphical engines, 4k,8k,10k is a lame excuse.

dcbronco402d ago

Nobody should be looking for 10k or even 8k for another two generations. If then. You would think 4k/60 would be enough until developers start pushing better game mechanics. Prettier exploding barrels makes the increases in power a waste. I want better AI, physics and mechanics.

Cobra951401d ago

Ironically, the problem is the technology's own success. If good GPUs can already handle very realistic graphics at fast frame rates and high resolutions, then where is the e-peen measuring contest going to go in the future? The elitists won't stand for not having systems better than the masses'. The manufacturers want to keep making money off of the bleeding edge. So out come these ridiculous resolutions that you need eagle eyes or a screen the size of a garden wall to appreciate.

dcbronco401d ago

The additional power should go towards better engines, AI and mechanics. No more "welcome to the this-k generation". Most of the time anyway. 4k/60 or better fps with more onscreen and killer physics and AI. I want the on-die AI of Zen to be programmable and uploaded to the server so that game AI adapts by watching what everyone is doing individually and constantly adjusting. That adds replay value. Racers that scale from arcade physics to iRacing levels. With realistic damage. Real physics in space games. And lots of destruction. Environments that kill. Like a typhoon in the middle of a game of Battlefield. 4k is good enough for right now with substantially more power needed for what comes after.

ProjectVulcan402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

The point is it'll still look better than in less than 10K.

The underlying point is also perhaps that with PC, when technology advances after just a few years then your older games still stand up better and can be run better than they had been before.

Do I complain that 10 year old PC games for example can now easily be ran in 4K but don't have the texture resolution of games today?

No, because they still look marvelous and it's a real boon to play the back catalogue of titles in modern resolutions and higher framerates. PC is excellent like that.

In about 5 years when 8K is king and all your 4K console that you crow about now are dead and gone, PC will rock all the games out today on 8K!

kevnb399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Do you think everything on screen is just a bunch of giant textures? So clueless..: why would they use textures the same resolution as the entire output?

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badz149402d ago

10K but the game looks last gen still...its graphics don't age well

PapaBop402d ago

Looks last gen? Some of the PC mods they've made for it blows the majority of current gen stuff out of the water let alone last gen.

badz149402d ago

that's mod, it's different story. but here, it looks like they run it vanilla graphics and you have to looks dated as hell

bloop402d ago

I think even vanilla it still holds it's own. Compare it to a game like just cause 3 which is current gen (and runs like absolute crap on consoles.)

AnubisG402d ago

10k?? And what am I supposed to see that on?

badz149402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

with 4 of these monitors

AnubisG402d ago

Ohh cool. Let me just quickly buy for 4 those....😆

Perjoss402d ago

You're not, this is like those sports cars that do 200+ mph, you can't really drive them anywhere at that speed unless you do a track day, or in this case go and see the machine running 10k with your own eyes.

roadkillers402d ago

This game still stands up, excluding the pop-ins

roadkillers402d ago

Yeah Rockstar, the guys behins the beautiful Manhunt 2... ... don't suck their dick too hard.

Bahamut402d ago (Edited 402d ago )


"Yeah Rockstar, the guys behins the beautiful Manhunt 2... ... don't suck their dick too hard."

What's your issue with Manhunt 2? The game was finished,then right before it hit shelves, the ESRB marked it as AO (Adults Only) due to extreme violence and some pornographic material. Unfortunately, as you may or may not know, neither Sony nor Microsoft allow AO rated games on their consoles. Rockstar was forced to take it back and butcher certain parts of the game and add that awful filter you see during kills. So you see, random person I don't know, the game wasn't bad due to lack of talent, and in the end, it was still okay anyway. So idk what you're talking about.

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