Life after Agents of Mayhem: Where now for Volition?

Jim Boone returns amid layoffs at Saints Row creator.

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PhoenixUp46d ago

Make another Punisher title Volition

GamesMaster198245d ago

Hell yeah I'm down for that. Or even bring the PS2 Uncensored verison to PSN and ill buy day 1.

brokasfawk45d ago

Too bad it didn’t sell well
I’m still playing it and got it day 1
I found it more entertaining than Destiny 2

RememberThe35745d ago

Yeah but at least with the other game you can play with friends

brokasfawk45d ago

It didn’t need co-op or multiplayer
It was perfect as single player only

jokerisalive45d ago

Reboot Saints Row back in Stillwater....

Kun_ADR45d ago

I would want that. They should eliminate all aspects that are too over the top (like super hero power) and return to Saint’s Row 2 gameplay.

Make the world bigger and more fun to play in and we’ll might have a GTA rival.

U_R_Weirdos45d ago

I'm now hoping for a more down to earth saints row 5. I think the 1st, 2nd and even the 3rd were great games but 4 didn't attract me at all.

GamesMaster198245d ago

That would of been the smarter choice than making this.

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The story is too old to be commented.