There’s a lot of Breath of the Wild in Super Mario Odyssey, the most transformative Mario since 64

How Nintendo's Christmas big-hitter is revitalising the series, combining intricate joys with fresh, adventurous thinking.

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Teflon02350d ago

Exactly what I told my brother they're doing. They need to leave the other franchises out of each other unless it's Mario kart etc.
I'm personally not too fond of a few things in botw, luckily it doesn't seem like my problems can actually be implemented in Mario style gameplay. Guess we'll see on release

Nodoze350d ago

Sounds like they made a true world to explore. Sounds great.

Prince_TFK350d ago

They have adopted a new philosophy in making most of their ips open world it seems. Not that I'm complaining though I freaking love open world games. They have so much replay value.

Now just think, a new Pokemon game with much bigger open world with different mode of transportation around. That would be so awesome.