SNES Mini Hacked, People Adding More Games to the Recently Released Retro Gem

AusGamers "Last week's release of the SNES Classic Mini means that we've all been playing an unusual amount of 16-bit titles for what's the 2017 busy season. Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, F-Zero, The Secret of Mana, and more. But with 21 games there's no doubt that some people's faves didn't make the cut. And so it comes as no surprise that the SNES Mini has now been hacked to allow for downloaded games and custom borders to be added."

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chrisx223d ago

I'm enjoying all the Snes best sellers and more on my PC thank u very much.

TheUndertaker85223d ago

You can do the same on mobile

PeaSFor223d ago

sure, but you don't have a legit snes product.

i do.

TheUndertaker85223d ago

The original SNES has more than 21 titles available to it while SNES mini will remain at 21. Further other devices can support more as well along with features not available on SNES/SNES mini making "legit snes products" seem a lot less impressive in this day and age.

PeaSFor223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

pretty sure my snes classic have now more than the default 21 games.... and also have my favorite NES games too.... wink wink.. yet its still a legit snes product.... even if it can play Vectorman or ComixZone on

TheUndertaker85223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Which is stated in my point but doesn't apply to SNES mini, an also "legit product".

Yet your SNES classic as stated doesn't offer all the features emulators available on PC and mobile offer while PC & mobile do support every aspect of the SNES classic then some. Including playing the two titles you mentioned.

That was the point. PC & mobile can and do effectively offer more bang for your buck versus "legit products".

SNES mini will offer HDMI output along with online aspects the SNES classic doesn't offer
SNES classic can play the same 21 titles SNES mini does on top of others SNES mini doesn't & won't
PC and mobile can do all of the above along with things neither SNES mini nor SNES classic can

So "legit" adds nothing


All this did was made the cost that scalpers sale this system at increase. Now instead of paying $205 You will be paying $400 for a "fully loaded" Snes mini...

gamer7804223d ago

Why not get a retro pie then

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