Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Budget Was Half the Amount of Street Fighter V’s DLC Plans

Though Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was received critically well–our own review included–pre-launch criticisms that hung on awkward animations and a questionable final roster ultimately hampered the commercial success of the game. YouTube user Liam Robertson, aka “Game History Guy,” reported to have contact with some Capcom employees that revealed insight into troubled development, mostly hinging on a surprisingly low Marvel vs Capcom Infinite budget.

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gantarat283d ago

And Disney's did not give money/fund to capcom ?

ChronoJoe283d ago

No. Typically Capcom would need to buy the license from Disney. The benefit of that is that they get to leverage a big IP to sell their game.

PhoenixUp283d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if true. This game just feels so underwhelming compared to past entrees in so many ways

phoenixwing283d ago

Ppl do remember that the dlc for street fighter is enormous considering how little of the game initially shipped

talocaca283d ago

And it shows....the game is horrible. I played the demo and moved on.

Why do they insist on 3D graphics?!

Am I the only one who would much rather have something like Blaze Blue with Marvel and Capcom characters?

SickSinceSix283d ago

No Marvel or Capcom characters but BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle game is coming out next year.

Lexreborn2282d ago If you like blaze blue so much then you should be able to do these combo strings.... oh wait you don’t have the game... -_-

princejb134282d ago

I agree the 3D graphic thing to me just looks ugly on a 2d fighter. That's the main reason I stopped playing street fighter since 4.