Will SFV: Arcade Edition Answer The Cries Of Disgruntled Fans?

As most of you may already know Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition was announced this past Thursday confirming what has been rumored for some time now. The update contains a complete overhaul of base SFV’s UI, new V-Triggers and, the highly requested, Arcade Mode among other features. While all of this is great – I’m happy they are doing this – I can’t help but wonder if fans are happy about the SFV: AE news? Does Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition resolve the lingering issues that surrounded SFV from launch day?

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Pr0xi436d ago

I hope you're right about SFV but by the looks of it...

LeeU436d ago

yeah it's looking a little rocky. we'll see what happens

VTKC435d ago

Fans will either get angry because Capcom is releasing another version of the same game. Or they are happy about it in having all these said features.
I am greatful they are doing this. They could just not bother. But they are making the effort and they said it will be free to existing owners of the game. Cant fault that. I hate capcom for all that disc locked content scandal from street fighter x Tekken and Resident Evil 5. But it looks as though here they are trying to redeem themselves. Good for them. I hope they deliver, if they screw this up its going to be gravely bad.

LeeU435d ago

I am grateful that they are doing this for free but I feel that there's still room for constructive criticism here. The game should have had Arcade mode from launch so that's where I fall back to questioning the future of the franchise. I'm just hopeful that Capcom continues to learn from these faults

XtraTrstrL435d ago

I haven't played SFV in forever now. I still can't get over the fact they're basically selling characters, something Ono said he'd never do, comparing it to a game of Chess, where everyone needs all the pieces.

Sure, you can use credits to get characters, but you can't get them ALL off the bat, nor will you be getting the ones you want immediately, unless you either cheat or are a maniac with the horrible survival mode.

So, you're stuck falling behind on practicing with or against certain characters for a long time, and you can't even practice against them in training if you don't own them, just making matters worse. They really should have just monetized all titles, outfits, accessories and everything other than characters themselves. The characters should have been fully free and immediate.

LeeU435d ago

Yeah, a part of me also wishes they kept characters free and monetized skins, with the ability to purchase skins with actual money or by grinding and earning fight money. Skins and accessories do very well for online games, especially competitive ones.

XtraTrstrL435d ago

Yea, it sucks too, because if you were to go to the Capcom forums and try to point out that fact, they'll just hit you with the fact that you technically can "earn" the characters. That doesn't change the fact that the general public isn't gonna get ALL the characters, and again, not even get the few characters they want, for quite a while after they each release.

So all the better players, and players around the same skill level, that either cheat/overplay/torture themselves with survival mode, all get a huuuuuge advantage over you. Titles, Player Profiles, Alt Outfits, Stages, etc, are all more than enough to make $ off of. This is def one of the reasons I stopped playing, it's corny.

Lexreborn2435d ago

It's actually really easy to get the money to buy what ever characters you want. Go through character trials that off the cusp gives you 10K level the character up to 10 that's 20k just learning the justs of 1 character do it with 5 characters and you got enough to buy 1 character. Complete the story mode and character story you got enough 4 2 characters. Complete the tiers of survial you should have enough for 5 characters and then you can unlock colors too.

After you've unlocked 5 characters repeat the process and you should have enough to unlock 3 more. Thats also if you just have to play with the entire cast. I stopped buying everyone with fight money because I was buying characters that I wasn't using. Why spend in game currency on something I don't care for?

LeeU435d ago

I mean it is feasible to unlock all characters by grinding for FM but it isn't necessarily the best way to handle that in my opinion. It makes the game feel free-to-play and it becomes a tedious task. I've grinded for FM to unlock Akuma and Guile but didn't find the time or energy to pursue the full roster. I do see what you are saying though

XtraTrstrL435d ago

@Lex Yea, if I just bought the game and hadn't done anything yet. I've already done most/all base character stories/trials and a few Easy-Normal Survival. You can get maybe 2-3 characters, but to really get enough for them, you need to do the 50 or 100 level Survival. I'm not doing that cheap crap, where the "random" bonuses always give you the small health boost before a harder fight. Also, you get zero payout if you don't fully complete Survival.

They make it a real pain to get FM, ofcourse, so they can try to pull $ out our pockets. Again, I'm not here to debate on how it's technically possible or seemingly easy to get the FM. The characters themselves should be free the moment they release is the point.

You know they are not looking to be consumer-friendly when the most common modes, Casual and Ranked VS, both give only 50 FM for a win. That's 2000 wins for 1 character. So, well over 2000 matches, unless you never lose. Character Level ups also don't help much after a short time, because it takes longer and longer to reach a level up.

It's all designed to jam up and slow down on FM earnings, so you're more likely to pay $ for more characters. I got the game at launch though, and I remember how empty it was, with all the "Under Construction" UI stuff. They sold us an early release game for $60, and didn't give us our money's worth.

It was all in the name of possibly siphoning more $ out of us for new DLC, that way already paid for most of with our $60. S1 and S2 for sure should be included in that $60 at the very least. It's Capcom though, so it is what it is.

Lexreborn2435d ago

It will but none of the people complaining will ever make it out of gold rank anyways if even reach it that complains. I have played several complainers in the game that were talking about the game mechanics and even challenged me only to show me they aren't even using the perks of the current system to get good at the game.

LeeU435d ago

I've run into a few of those. I think that is a separate problem altogether. I stopped trying to plat in SFV a long time ago because I didn't have the time or substantial skill to compete at that level. There's a lot of people that will complain about a game but are unwilling to admit when they are subpar players. That speaks more to the players than the game. There is nothing SFV or any other fighting game will ever be able to do to please that type of player imo

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