Supermassive: Potential Audience in Games Has Broadened, Though Core Market Isn't Diminished for It

Supermassive Games reckons that potential audience in games has broadened lately, though the core market isn't really diminished for it.

They also said that Hidden Agenda is a perfect fit for PlayLink.

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KaiPow281d ago

The PlayLink stuff is wicked smart and has gotten a few of my non-gaming coworker's interested. I just wish there were more irreverent party games like The Jackbox.

GamesMaster1982281d ago

So can this be played like Untill Dawn single player ? or do u need the phone stuff. As I'm really interested in this as a normal game because i like Supermassive Games. But if it's mobile stuff only i have lost all interest.

LP-Eleven280d ago

It can be played single player like Until Dawn.

ccgr280d ago

Haven't heard much buzz on PlayLink, hopefully it does well

Atticus_finch279d ago

Until dawn is one of the best experiences this gen. Supermassive say no more and take my money.