Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Is Currently Working On The Game’s Script

Kojima talks about where Death Stranding is at in the development process.

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DigitalRaptor138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Looking forward to seeing more. Hopefully the next update is an introduction to a new character.

PSX, maybe?

UltraNova138d ago

I think they should give DS a rest for now, let the devs gain some progress and when its ready release a full blown gameplay trailer that will help shed some light on what the hell Hideo's next mind bender is going to be like.

UCForce138d ago

Let's Hideo Kojima focus his game first.

mkis007138d ago

I think they have done enough intro for this game. The next progress report should be when they can show a vertical slice of gameplay.

KickSpinFilter137d ago

Na go away make the game and will see it in 2023, three years into the PS5 from 2020

Razzer137d ago

2023? Come on. No way. I could easily see this game as a launch game for PS5 though.

The 10th Rider137d ago


Or possibly a swan song for the PS4 followed by a PS5 release when that launches shortly afterwards. Similar to The Last of Us.

137d ago
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darx138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Oooo lucky us. /s

C-H-E-F138d ago

This is one thing i never understood in gaming, even when I worked at CCP Games I never understood why we build a game out with all of it's assets and stuff then start working on a gaming script. Like the script should be first to give developers/designers a clearer vision on what we are creating. Instead we are given a minimal amount of information to create stuff then after the script has been written we then have to go back and change 60% of the assets we've created. The development is normally backwards for some reason, wasting resources and development hours. It's not bad for us, because we are getting paid for the extra work, but it is something we all discuss amongst ourselves.

CyrusLemont138d ago

Imagine if they made movies that way :L

C-H-E-F138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Exactly, they'll make the props, shoot the CGI scenes then say... oh we need a script. Oh this scene doesn't work, nor does this prop lets remove all of this to fit the script. Like alot of gamers don't realize that the way games are developed is backwards always has been that way and it's really shocking how they are put together because nothing else in entertainment is put together like this. When we are making the games, we are told on a weekly/sometimes daily basis what to focus on, that's why alot of game engines are incomplete while we are 2 years into development because the writers write crap that don't exist so we have to build more into the engine etc. I'm no longer in game development, I make mobile applications now. This is one of the main reasons as to why I left, that compensation & work life balance. working 90 hours a week for 90k salary was ridiculous.

Paytaa138d ago

I love everything about this game aesthetically and have high hopes since it's Kojima but do think they announced it too early if they're only working on the script now.

mrzeeman321138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I'm just glad it even has a script at all, after MGSV.

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