Call of Duty: WWII Limited Edition PS4 Console Gets its Own Trailer

Call of Duty: WWII prepares to land on the gaming fall season accompanied by a custom limited edition PS4 console in camo livery.

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MetroidFREAK21346d ago

Coming off the heels of Infinite Warfare, I cannot wait either

DevilishSix346d ago

wow that is an ugly special console edition.

Eonjay346d ago

I actually really like it.

morganfell346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Love it. If it would have been black with a COD WW II tag on it people would have been crying that it needed to be camo.

Eonjay346d ago

Yeah me too. But I have always loved camo


Love it. It I didn't have the Gold one I would get it.

Vegamyster346d ago

It's pretty lazy, just a military green with a camo decal on top. Not even any branding to show it's a CoD limited edition system lol.

TheVetOfGaming346d ago

I agree. They couldn't have been much less imaginative.

Eonjay346d ago

Or, if you are like me, you just like camo and this is camo. Personally i think it looks better without the CoD branding.

Nyxus346d ago

Some of the camo spots are shaped like DualShock controllers. But yeah, it's still ugly.

Outlaw1986346d ago

That's cool. If it was a ps4 pro I'd think about it.

Zeref346d ago

Ugliest special edition ever?

Xerneas346d ago

IMO yes. It looks like sewage to me. Silver PS4 Slim is the best LE PS4.

andrewsquall346d ago

What a horrible console. Then again, call it a Metal Gear Solid 3 Limited Edition PS4 and its awesome. :)

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