Revisiting: Rare's Goldeneye 007 (1997)

The names Bond but how does Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64 hold up?

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Simon_the_sorcerer432d ago

So many people picked up the N64 thanks to Goldeneye 007.

Kyizen431d ago

As a PC gamer I couldnt figure out why my friends liked it. I was playing Quake, Duke Nukem 3d and Unreal Tournament. We I tried to play Golden eye it was soooo bad.

CrimsonIdol431d ago

Really? You were playing Unreal Tournament in 1997? As a PC gamer I was playing all those and still had an absolute blast with Goldeneye. It was one of the games that convinced me to get a console, my first console after being strictly PC. Couldn't do splitscreen with any of those games you mentioned and I didn't have 4 friends with good enough PCs or the patience to bring that mess of wires, massive towers and CRTs over to do a network game (which was often finicky and a pain to get going even when you did). You get 4 mates over with Goldeneye on one TV, throw in some Mariokart and you're laughing. I played Duke a lot before I played Goldeneye and I still managed to enjoy it heaps as a single player game. While Duke had something going for it, Quake was boring brown corridors with boring brown badies. This game you played as Bond in, at the time, great visuals and great locations. I wont deny you lost a lot of finesse jumping from KB+mouse to controller but it was much better than anything else had done on console and felt great at the time

cj1pate101341d ago

lol quake was boring duke over rated and unreal didnt come out till "Windows

NA: November 30, 1999" unless you mean unreal which all of these games had nothing on goldeneye lol

Ristul431d ago

This game had my most memorable multiplayer sessions on the N64, slit-screen 4P was a blast. The campaign was also ahead of it's time for a first person shooter in a lot of ways.

rynodigital431d ago

Sadly, the game does not hold up - specifically in terms of controls. If this had a traditional FPS remake it would still be solid - I remember using cheat codes, and glitching the Facility level just so the enemies would constantly respawn!

cj1pate101341d ago

you do realise this exists right game is amazing updated controlls and online mp cant beat it!