Forza Motorsport 7 wants you to care about your driver, too

Forza Motorsport 7 has drawn criticism since debuting earlier this week for an in-game economy that seems to put a throttle on your progression to encourage you to buy loot boxes. Forza developer Turn 10 Studios has not flipped the switch to enable players to purchase those crates with real money yet, but all the hooks are already in the game. Those include cosmetic items, but not for your vehicles -- instead, this is the first Forza to put an emphasis on your driver.

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azizlksa281d ago

Maybe the studio should focus on improving other major things in the next game such as creating a pit stop animation, fixing the AI, and have a proper night and day cycle with real unscripted dynamic weather instead of adding unnecessary stuff like dressing your driver as a clown.

r3f1cul280d ago

yea i would much rather them stop drivatars from just plowing into me and the other drivatars with reckless abandon like its a god damn destruction derby, seriously its like they have no spacial awareness or care about where they are in relation to any other vehicle on track, its been obnoxious for years now and they still havent ironed it out :/ but hey ... thats just me