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As a child who was never lucky enough to own an original SNES (my parents got me a Mega Drive), I spent many weekends at my cousin’s house, wasting away many happy hours of my [Continue Reading]

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Simon_the_sorcerer351d ago

It's worth picking up if you get the chance to do so. However, I'm afraid that the scrapers will clean the market dry of the Snes Mini console...

Elda351d ago

Traded my dust collecting Vita for it & I'm playing the SNES Mini more than I did the Vita.A worthy trade.

teedogg80351d ago

My Vita has SNES emulator. So it's basically a portable SNES, with way more games.

Snez350d ago

You traded a portable system with games that can't be emulated, and can also be homebrewed to emulate both SNES and a wide variety of titles.
...For an overpriced non-portable Linux box that plays games that you can emulate with a 15 year old budget PC for free.

That isn't a worthy trade, that's one of the stupidest consumer decisions I've seen since people preordering the Xbox X. I hope that your Vita actually goes to a good home where people will use it right.

Gunshyninja350d ago

Maybe people prefer different things. And maybe that's okay. I would actually much rather have an snes mini than a vita.

Also, since the Xbox x just became available for pre-order, saying this is the worst consumer decision since that (an event that only became available very recently) makes your statement unimpactful.

Snez350d ago

People prefer an overpriced box that has a limited amount of SNES games, versus a handheld device that can emulate pretty much the entire SNES library? Yeah that's totally not a stupid decision.

Elda350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Your decision to come at me was stupid because I wanted to trade my Vita for something that I actually use.If I had a Vita for 3 years & only used it twice then traded it in for something that I play almost everyday how is that stupid? I have a lab top but it's not for gaming nor do I own a gaming PC for emulators nor was I going to hack my Vita so your suggestion went right out the window.Please think before you speak,it would be very wise especially when you don't know anything about someone's my Vita for the SNES Mini was a worthy trade for me especially for something I hardly used.

Snez350d ago

"Nor do I own a gaming PC for emulators"
What planet are you living on? Emulators don't require "gaming" PCs to run on. Hell, old smartphones can emulate NES, SNES and GBA games with no difficulty. You own a smartphone that isn't 10 years old right? If so congratulations, you own hardware capable of emulating SNES games.

This is why the mini-SNES is terrible. It does not cost that much to provide hardware to emulate those games. Nor do you have the ability to add games to that collection, something you can get on any other device.
You claim you traded it for something you would actually use, but you could have used your Vita to emulate the entire SNES catalogue... For free.

Don't want to homebrew it? Use your phone. Don't have a phone for some weird reason? Use your laptop, I guarantee that it's powerful enough to run it. You're just one of the many consumers that supported a horrendous anticonsumer product by paying out the ass for a collection of emulated games on cheap hardware.

Lolabunnyonacid350d ago

I'm sorry but what business of yours is it... take your attitude elsewhere. There's no need to have a go at someone for trading in a vita for something they actually want.

Elda350d ago

Again you're wrong.I bought my SNES Mini to play on my 4k tv with the SNES controllers.I don't want to play SNES games on a labtop,PC,Vita or my phone know that.You need to wisen up that everyone doesn't want to do what you want to do or stop living in a fantasy that all people think like you do,the quicker you take heed to that fact the better off you'll be.

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