Final Fantasy: Back from the brink of disaster

On the rocks just five years ago, Final Fantasy is back to being one of the industry's top franchises - courtesy of some bold risk-taking from Square Enix.

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PhoenixUp432d ago

Five years ago I was still enjoying FFXIII-2, which was a massive improvement upon its predecessor

SarcasticDuck431d ago

I own 13-2 and as much as I like the characters, the gameplay is sh*t and has nothing to enjoy!

CDbiggen431d ago

Lightning returns was pretty good too.

andrewsquall431d ago

In about the space of 5 years or so we got FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX and FFX. You COULD say a few people enjoyed those games too but nothing compared to the fanbase of FFXIII-2......................

The "brink of disaster" sure is an understatement.

indyman7777430d ago

I see the sarcasm but just to be clear to newbies FFVII 8 9 had way more sales even though there where way less consoles.

-Foxtrot432d ago

I'm pretty sure releasing a game which is obviously unfinished and takes a huge nose dive after Chapter 8 where it rushes the plot to the finish line, lacks character development, lacks story plot points and becomes so linear is pretty much a disaster.

Better then FF13 but they were both disasters for different reasons.

cha0sknightmare431d ago

While I totally agree, I have found that off the bubble of the internet, the general "public" perception towards FF15 seems to be really good. It surprises me, but where FF13 has always seemed to make people roll their eyes... I've found a large majority of people have lots of praise for 15.

I found it to be a meaningless padded out open world, with a rushed story, average combat, bland characters and no real pay off in any shape of form.

Mulando430d ago

well they reached a new audience for sure. But lost many ff-fans of the older titles.
FF15 was more or less just another soulless Action RPG and not more.
I really miss those FFs like FFIX, VIII, VII, VI, ...
Not every game has to bee AAA, just give us a good story & characters. Investing all the money in graphics doesn't make a good game.
And please, no awkward boob-show like the cid-character. some designers should really get a girl-friend and grow up.

Godmars290431d ago

No-no (shh...) Just let it happen...

This is AAA gaming. Just bend over and take it, cause someone else will buy it if you don't, until they don't. And publishers will will just move on doing the same and worse next time.

RememberThe357430d ago

That's why after renting ff15 and enjoying the hell outta the combat I send it back. The game just felt soulless. I hated the stroy and I hated the characters.

Last week I ended up rebuying FF12 for PS4. Love the characters and that damn story is so good. I just with is had the combat of FF15😅

Godmars290430d ago

Naw, renting still given them money at a time when they're looking to make the Netflix of gaming and apply the mobile game model onto to consoles if not PC.

Don't know what can fix things at this point, just that saying you're not going to buy a title that has fervent fanbase - who likely either hasn't touched the game or are demanding "Easy" mode s - isn't going to help.

G3ng4r430d ago

Yeah, it's still on the rocks.

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moegooner88431d ago

Whoever wrote this needs to do some more research. Either that, or he is attempting to be hyperbolic and failing massively.

Furesis431d ago

Final Fantasy XV is a game we never got
These two trailers got me hyped for the game for years but instead i got blue balled to the moon. This has got to be my most disappointing game ever in my life. I just wanna know... What The Hell Happened!?
Now in the article he mentions this a bit but for some reason it's...a-ok. Yeah they got the game out but.. what a shallow game it was. Ripped out of it's own flesh and skin. Only with it's carcass remaining

-Foxtrot431d ago

Oh look...when the Empire were actually part of the story and not tossed aside

CDbiggen431d ago

Ah, why's you have to remind me of those. What a game it could've been...

Zabatsu430d ago

Because Tabata took over...

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