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Woolly_69d ago

as usual it's always about quantity. . can anyone name a PSVR game worth playing?

crazyCoconuts69d ago

Do you honestly believe out of 100 games it would be difficult to name one worth playing?

XStation4pio_Pro67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Name one that’s a worthwhile experience that’s not a glorified demo. A must-have psvr only title that would make me go buy $850 of playstation kit ( if I didn’t have a PS4)

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fr0sty67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I've bought over 30 of those games... and thoroughly enjoy playing almost all of them. Some experiences, such as RTS games, tower defense games, driving games (Driveclub, GT Sport), and aircraft combat games (Ace Combat 7), could never be done as well on a TV. I even prefer to play platformers in VR over 2D, as you can judge distance from one ledge to the next much easier. Even some FPS games like SuperHot are awesome and addictive.

However, trying to convince a bunch of trolls with an agenda against PSVR that PSVR is worthwhile is a fool's errand. I'll just keep playing my PSVR.

mkis00767d ago

I have no problem finding games that are fun to play because the experience of using VR is itself fun. What you are doing in the game is almost secondary. I know people liked Resident Evil 7, I find Farpoiny and star trek to be fun myself. Then there are the smaller experiences; star wars xwing mission alone had me would do amazing as a fleshed out standalone game. Being able to lean around in the cockpit is so fullfilling...

JaguarEvolved67d ago

The PlayStation 4 has so much more exclusive games over Xbox and switch.

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Nitrowolf269d ago

Batman, Resident Evil 7, Farpoint, Robison Journey, Driceclub(not for everyone, but i didnt feel sick),

I can name more?

AspiringProGenji69d ago

GT sport is looking Solid too.

Now we wait for him and his pal to acknowledge none of these good VR games

freshslicepizza69d ago

Batman is cool but very limited

GT Sport only comes with one on one racing against the A.I. only and only on a select cars and tracks.

I would suggest Star Trek Bridge Crew, Superhot, Resident Evil 7. You probably won't want to get games where you move around too much since PSVR only comes with one sensor.

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XStation4pio_Pro67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

DriveClub vr was straight up garbage regardless of anyone’s opinion of the regular version good or bad. Re7 isn’t a vr game, just a game that supports the hmd - in that sense you could call tv shows vr too if you watched them in a headset. Batman is a fraction of a full game and Robinson reviewed mediocre at best. Also. Gran Turismo only supports one car??? Wtf is that? And I’m a fan of Gran Turismo. I’m used to 16-64 cars on track depending.

LegoIsAwesome67d ago

@XStation4pio_Pro do you get that 360 degree feel watching tv shows the same experience in RE7? Cuz i know i tried netflix in PSVR and only got the cinematic mode, so good job trolling

Erik735767d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Who legit is comfortably playing those on a sub 1080p headset a inch from my face tho?

No of those games sound remotely fun and the ones that do sound fun dont require a VR headset

generic-user-name67d ago


"Re7 isn’t a vr game, just a game that supports the hmd - in that sense you could call tv shows vr too if you watched them in a headset."

This is the most ignorant comment I've seen here in a while. 100% lies. RE7 is VR through and through.

mkis00767d ago (Edited 67d ago )


You can move in every dimension in RE7 can't do that while watching anything through a VR set. I want you to ignore your first instinct to feel attacked, and look into it because you might be surprised. If you haven't tried VR you will never understand no matter how much video or first hand accounts you see/hear.

By move I mean you can learn around a corner meaning the top of your body moves while your legs stay...that first time you do that you know he is going to be huge. It has to start somewhere. Look at where home computers have gone since the early days.

C-H-E-F67d ago

@moldybread why are you even commenting? YOU DON'T HAVE A PSVR so how are you even talking about what's limited and what's not? you haven't experienced it, I swear you are the troll of all trolls.

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Neonridr68d ago

There are quite a few. RE7 and Farpoint are awesome titles to play in VR. Superhot is fantastic as well. Things like Batman, Tomb Raider, Spiderman etc I don't count as real games as they are more or less demos or experiences that you are unlikely to revisit again (unless demoing for friends). But they are still cool things to experience at least once.

I will agree that the list is a little padded with some garbage stuff or things that aren't quite full games, but there is still plenty to keep you busy if you want.

Apocalypse Shadow68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Wooly, it's not worth posting an answer to your question since you obviously skipped articles, reviews, etc of great games on PSVR. But I knew early on that there would be many to choose from and said from the beginning that even if it gets 300 titles, that would be enough for me. But based on where it's at, it may end up with over 300 games and experiences.

An article stating that PSVR has a lot of content available to play and you make it about quality. Which there are many quality titles.

Way to meet that troll quota. If I may ask, what console VR are you currently using and tell us its great titles to choose from? Or did some company skip out on giving you anything after hyping gamers up a year ago and are bringing nothing until maybe next year if that?

Jinger68d ago

Resident Evil 7, Farpoint, Arizona Sunshine, Superhot

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Fearmonkey67d ago

You must not have a PSVR to say that. To name just a few, Here They Lie, Resident Evil 7, Farpoint. to name a few more, Superhot, Arizona Sunshine, Until Dawn:Rush of Blood, Trackmania Turbo and I could keep going on.

Jinger67d ago

Until Dawn: RoB was a pleasant surprise. Not a big fan of the original game, but RoB was really well done with the wands and everything. Made me want so many other coaster arcade games like that or a port of house of the dead etc.

Scatpants67d ago

People like you suck. VR is one of the most amazing advancements in games ever and you just shit all over it. I've had my Rift for over a year now and have had tons of awesome gaming experiences. More than most consoles in their first year. While the PSVR isn't as good as the Rift there's plenty of fun stuff on it. People like you always want more. When is it enough 500 games in a year? A thousand?

ImGumbyDammit67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I think the point is quality not quantity. 100 (or even 500) doesn't mean much when by most considerations there are only around 5 good PSVR games (if you look here most people keep naming the same 4 or 5 games.) I rather have 15 to 20 good VR games than 100 with 95 of those being pure crap VR demos you play once for 15 minutes and never touch again.

Dragonscale67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Ok then woolly, Resident Evil, thats 1. Just make sure you have a change of undies at the ready lol. Tbh theres more than 1, some of them are awesome.

generic-user-name67d ago

Yes, many people. Can you come up with a reply to any of them though?

Mystogan67d ago

There are a few. But that's the problem. Out of these 100 maybe only 3 or 4 are actual games instead of demos.

I love how everyone disagrees yet they can't name more than 4 games that are actual games.

SarcasticDuck67d ago

they're technically not games but ever checked what Draw With Jazza can do with VR painting programms?

Stogz67d ago

Resident evil 7. Farpoint. Superhot. Lemme guess tho you're gonna downplay.

S2Killinit67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

In the time its been out, PSVR has had more exclusives than xbone has had overall, in the same time period with games that have had higher metacritic scores than most of what is offered on xbone.

To name a few: Superhot VR, Resident Evil 7, GT (incoming), Ace Combat 7(incoming), FarPoint, Star Trek Bridge Crew, etc..

Jayszen67d ago


I can name four immediately as they are my favourites: Driveclub, Rigs, Resident Evil 7, Farpoint. Many more games besides.

1Victor67d ago

Woolly can you name a good Kinect game that came out in the last year that is better than any PSVR game

Mulando67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

well, I know two big titles, but all the rest are just better "demos". Of all the VR-headsets, the PSVR is in the best situation and it is still not good enough to let the marked really grow.
VR is a niche product and will always be. As long as somebody has to do something more than to watch at something, it won't get big marked shares.

C-H-E-F67d ago

a game? Farpoint
another game? Resident Evil

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ILostMyMind67d ago

PSVR have more exclusives than XBO.

TheUndertaker8567d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Xbox One X will have more titles available to it at launch compared to PSVR after nearly a year with over 130 already announced for Xbox One X. That total only represents Xbox One X enhanced titles, not every title the system will play.

BlackTar18767d ago (Edited 67d ago )

That means absolutely nothing.

ILostMyMind67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Oh cool! Is XBX a new Microsoft platform or something? XBO owners must be very upset about this. 🤔

TheUndertaker8567d ago (Edited 67d ago )

@BlackTar187: I'm sure it doesn't to you seeing as it means that Xbox One X alone hosts more actual games for use with it compared to an exclusive device for PlayStation 4. Created specifically for that device before the device even launches while it has taken almost a year to boast the same dedicated content for a PlayStation device. Which would effectively demonstrate greater support in the form of games in favor of the Xbox device.

@ILostMyMind: It really is cool. Ya know. A new Xbox platform gaining more support versus a PlayStation device. That can be used when the Xbox platform launches versus almost a year down the road. Like how PS4 owners are very upset about these "PSVR exclusives" they can't use with their PS4, PS4 slim, or PS4 Pro without spending hundreds on PSVR correct? Especially those base PS4 owners who were told by Sony themselves that PS4 Pro delivers a better experience with PSVR versus their base models or slim models. 😉

BlackTar18767d ago

Your comments literally makes no sense. You do know that right?

Goldby67d ago

comparing a mid gen console to a VR peripheral....

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andibandit67d ago

Heres the list of PSVR games with a metacritic rating over 90


JuJuRMJ67d ago

Keep the games coming! Currently I'm enjoying the heck out of Rigs and Farpoint. Will soon pick up Battlezone and Super hot...Want to get RE7, but scared lol. So many great games already, and so many more to come.

generic-user-name67d ago

RE7 is worth it, will blow your mind.

RyanShutup67d ago

How does it handle movement? Does it do the teleport thing?

JuJuRMJ67d ago

I'm going to do it. Heard too much positive talk about the game to not get it. The immersion in certain games that I already own are unmatched...Also can't wait for Ace Combat. Sorry folks, VR is here to stay.

S2Killinit67d ago

RE7 is the one i really recomend along with Superhot.

Leeroyw67d ago

RE7 stands out as one of the best gaming experiences in my opinion. Played with full range of movement it is amazing. Crouching behind couches from the Baker family and peeking out using your head movement is incredible.

Mulando67d ago

not if you don't like horror games ;)

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Toiletsteak67d ago

Apparently there is gonna be a massive sale tomorrow for PSVR titles.

XStation4pio_Pro67d ago

... and almost all of them suck.

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