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ILostMyMind407d ago

PSVR have more exclusives than XBO.

TheUndertaker85407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Xbox One X will have more titles available to it at launch compared to PSVR after nearly a year with over 130 already announced for Xbox One X. That total only represents Xbox One X enhanced titles, not every title the system will play.

BlackTar187407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

That means absolutely nothing.

ILostMyMind407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Oh cool! Is XBX a new Microsoft platform or something? XBO owners must be very upset about this. 🤔

TheUndertaker85407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

@BlackTar187: I'm sure it doesn't to you seeing as it means that Xbox One X alone hosts more actual games for use with it compared to an exclusive device for PlayStation 4. Created specifically for that device before the device even launches while it has taken almost a year to boast the same dedicated content for a PlayStation device. Which would effectively demonstrate greater support in the form of games in favor of the Xbox device.

@ILostMyMind: It really is cool. Ya know. A new Xbox platform gaining more support versus a PlayStation device. That can be used when the Xbox platform launches versus almost a year down the road. Like how PS4 owners are very upset about these "PSVR exclusives" they can't use with their PS4, PS4 slim, or PS4 Pro without spending hundreds on PSVR correct? Especially those base PS4 owners who were told by Sony themselves that PS4 Pro delivers a better experience with PSVR versus their base models or slim models. 😉

BlackTar187407d ago

Your comments literally makes no sense. You do know that right?

Goldby406d ago

comparing a mid gen console to a VR peripheral....

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andibandit407d ago

Heres the list of PSVR games with a metacritic rating over 90


JuJuRMJ407d ago

Keep the games coming! Currently I'm enjoying the heck out of Rigs and Farpoint. Will soon pick up Battlezone and Super hot...Want to get RE7, but scared lol. So many great games already, and so many more to come.

generic-user-name407d ago

RE7 is worth it, will blow your mind.

RyanShutup407d ago

How does it handle movement? Does it do the teleport thing?

JuJuRMJ407d ago

I'm going to do it. Heard too much positive talk about the game to not get it. The immersion in certain games that I already own are unmatched...Also can't wait for Ace Combat. Sorry folks, VR is here to stay.

S2Killinit407d ago

RE7 is the one i really recomend along with Superhot.

Leeroyw407d ago

RE7 stands out as one of the best gaming experiences in my opinion. Played with full range of movement it is amazing. Crouching behind couches from the Baker family and peeking out using your head movement is incredible.

Mulando407d ago

not if you don't like horror games ;)

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Toiletsteak407d ago

Apparently there is gonna be a massive sale tomorrow for PSVR titles.

XStation4pio_Pro407d ago

... and almost all of them suck.

407d ago
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