Link-Cable Review: SNES Classic Edition

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Nintendo has struck gold with an idea so good that it’s a wonder they didn’t try to do it years ago. Releasing miniature versions of their past consoles, jam-packed with a greatest hits a collection of the best games of the era has proven a recipe for success with last year’s release of the NES Classic Edition (full review here) and it looks like lightning has struck twice with the release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. And while the system does feature nine games less than its 8-bit predecessor, the titles featured here are (nearly) all fantastic games and showcases why the SNES may just have had the best lineup out of all Nintendo systems and is a must own for any fan of classic games."

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ccgr280d ago

Hope more are available come Christmas time


So do I man I really want one of these