PlayStation Plus November 2017 Predictions

"If I had to say so myself 2017 may be the best year yet for PlayStation Plus members on PS4. Over the course of this year we’ve seen Sony shift to offering more AAA titles on the service compared to previous years."

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PeaSFor280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

this kind of worthless blog should be automatically rejected by N4G, its always wrong and always based on nothing, so a total waste of time.

Xenophon_York279d ago

My exact exact exact exact thoughts, PeaSFor. N4G is ripe for an overtaking by a competing game news symposium/collection site.

morganfell280d ago


Could you do that about 5 more times because once isn't enough for this blog.

andyo13280d ago

These speculative articles have real world ramifications. Some of these games aren't even in talks with sony about PP. People who would otherwise decide to buy these games decide not to and that hurts developers.

brokasfawk280d ago

Lol @ Ratchet and Clank, Far Cry 4 and D.A.inquisition
You gotta be kidding?
What a joke!!!

Silly Mammo279d ago

I'm thinking Bloodborne, U4 and HZD. Just in time for the DLC release! 😂

nitus10279d ago

Not a chance I think it will be Halo, Gears of War and Forza. Ducks for cover. 😂

yomfweeee280d ago

N4G please change your rules and get rid of this drivel.

Relientk77280d ago

Great titles on this prediction list

Doubt any of them will happen though

ironcrow2386280d ago

your doing this now when theres still 4weeks away?? coo-coo :D

AirJohnston279d ago

And on top of that, based on absolutely nothing

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The story is too old to be commented.