Inclusion Vs design, whatever happened to just trying? - A take on the Cuphead difficulty aftermath

As of lately there has been quite a lot of fuss about Studio MDHR's "Cuphead" and it's said hardcore difficulty. So here's my (Sharn Daniels, TGG) take on the difficulty aftermath.

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nawaz10283d ago

Hard difficulty and vintage animations. It is a nod to the begining of the gaming era. Regarding the tons of coverage on its difficulty, if one big publisher does it then everyone else will follow. That's how it works today.

TGG_overlord283d ago

It's all about skills, determination and patience. So I'm not surprised to hear that "some" sites and magazines whine about "Cuphead" being too hard for them, because then they would actually have to put in some effort into their gameplay sessions.

freshslicepizza283d ago

The game is difficult for me because I don't have the patience to get the timing just right but I certainly won't attack the game for it when I know its my fault.

Some games are designed this way on purpose (Souls games for example) and we should not push developers to change their design. On the PC you can always modify things like the old cheat codes if you truly wanted to.

The_Kills283d ago

They aren't handed 100 units of micro transaction currency to get through a game quick and write their shallow reviews. That's why this game is tilting some reviewers.

Littil_Devil283d ago

Hard games require more time and effort from the player, and that's nothing new. Just take Ghosts 'n Goblins, that game almost made AVGN cry out of pure frustration (imo, that game is even worse than Ninja Gaiden).

TGG_overlord283d ago

I don't know if people still remember an old game called "Alien Syndrome", but that was the very first video game that I ever played (I was four or five years old at time time). Well, long story short. I found the game to be really hard as a kid, but I didn't give up, and my father and uncle gave me advice as I played through the game as well.

So my point here would be that the today's so-called "games journalists" gives up way too easily, and whine way too much over nothing and everything.

DaReapa283d ago


Yes, I think that was on the Sega Master System. My friend had that game back in the day. Fun game.

SharnOfTheDEAD283d ago

I beat Super Ghouls n Ghosts as a kid, after picking up a Snes mini and jumping back in, I have no idea how, back then I guess we was just accustomed to hard games?

ccgr283d ago

Want this game no matter how difficult it is :)

TGG_overlord283d ago

Same here, I'm going to get the PC-version though ;)

Littil_Devil283d ago

Today's games journalists whine way too much for their own good. The game is great. However, if you suck at it, then it's your own fault.

TGG_overlord283d ago

Don't forget that they say "the Dark Souls of" this and "the Dark Souls of " that a whole lot as well...

Simon_the_sorcerer283d ago

Never before have I had so much fun with a game like Cuphead. As for the "difficulty aftermath", any gamer will look past that part, because you will have too much fun to worry about stuff like that.

TGG_overlord283d ago

We already have one person working on the PC-version of "Cuphead" as we speak, but I will also try to make a video for the game myself (and share my thoughts on the game as I play). So I'm pretty curious to find out how far I will get, and how many times I will die throughout the game :P I'm glad to hear it ;) Well, it can't be worse than the old-school "Contra" days (one person from my school smashed his NES controller out of pure anger).

TGG_overlord283d ago

@DaReapa "Yes, I think that was on the Sega Master System. My friend had that game back in the day. Fun game."

- That would be correct =) (oh the memories!)

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