Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Sells Poorly on PSN During September Release

TICGN: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite performs poorly during its initial release. Could this be the end of the fighting game franchise from the two beloved companies?

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thejigisup284d ago

It certainly feels like a sharp decline after MvC2. I'm already passing this game up until a complete edition is available second hand, I may skip the next game altogether.

284d ago
Sono421284d ago

I actually enjoyed MvC3, but man this game I can't justify getting. Everything about it seems rough around the edges, unfinished, unpolished. Weak roster, I just.. I don't know what they're thinking.


Trash, I could tell that from the demo.

BenjaMan64284d ago

This is how it happened. This is how Marvel Vs Capcom died.

PhoenixUp284d ago

I hope this franchise doesn't come to an end because some stupid executives made boneheaded decisions that alienated longtime fans with this latest entry.

DivineAssault 284d ago

"Supposedly" Capcom almost couldnt make the game at all and scraped together any funds available to get it out.. Couldnt even afford fox characters. The executives shouldve put in all of the necessary finances needed for this because its not the fans fault for rejecting this ugly and lackluster game.

The 10th Rider283d ago

It's not that they can't afford them, it's that Disney is against letting anyone put any characters they don't own the movie rights to in the forefront of any merchandise (outside of Spiderman). Lego Marvel 2 is the same way.

CorndogBurglar283d ago

Like The 10th Rider said, it isn't that Capcom couldn't afford the Fox characters. Marvel didn't want those characters in the game so that they could promote their movie characters.

Marvel is allowed to use any characters they want. They own them all at the end of the day. They just don't own the movie rights for X-Men amd Fantastic 4 characters, so they can't use them in their movies. They can use them in anything else they want.

Having said that, that is actually much worse than simply not being able to afford them. It means that a decision was made to not include fan favorite characters rather than not having the ability to use them. Its takes it from being an unfortunate situation to a purposeful slap in the face to fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.