Diablo III Season 12 Start Date Announced, Additional Update Coming to PTR

The current PTR was originally scheduled to have had its last patch. However, after further observation, there will be a new build set for testing next week, with Thursday being a tentative day of release.

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jackdaniels430d ago

been playing this game for at least 3.5 years and loving it

Cyro430d ago

Been playing since launch and I love it. I just wish Blizzard loved it just as much.

bluefox755429d ago

If it had loot boxes they would. After Overwatch, I worry about the future of Diablo.

Cmv38430d ago

Love this game, this patch is well welcomed. I'm thinking I'm doing demon hunter first.

bluefox755430d ago

This is great and all, but I'm ready for Diablo 4.

brokasfawk430d ago

300 plus hours played and still love the shit out of D3
I’m ready for season 12

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