Destiny 2 Sea Monster Strikes Again, Glitch Provides a Closer Look

Take a closer look at the Destiny 2 sea monster which hides in the depths of Titan. It's pretty damn huge and scary!

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Sono421315d ago

so.... exciting? I mean I guess it is interesting seeing a new big monster to fight (because that and "legendary" loot is all you have to look forward to in the game) but let's be real, it's basically an in game DLC teaser.

joab777315d ago

No. I ran the raid today, collected like 28 tokens and traded them for a 294 Ghost Primus....y aknowcuz I’m only 304, so the reward for the hardest content is 10 levels under me. I had two already so basically I got 3 legendary shards for my hard work lol!

Seriously, D2 is amazing. It’s lore is unbelievable, assuming it isn’t retconned. HUGE mistake Bungie!!!! But it needs progression help.

GrimDragon315d ago

Where exactly can you find this creature on titan. This is no glitch.

Gwiz315d ago

They've found " Nessy ".

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