Someone recreated Resident Evil 2's Police Station Hall in Unreal Engine 4 & you can download it

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve seen numerous attempts to recreate the old classic Resident Evil games in modern game engines in the past. And while we, most probably, won’t see any of them reaching a playable state, we can somehow satisfy our desire for such a thing with smaller tech demos."

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Angainor7432d ago

Hopefully the remake will look like this

HeisenbergX432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

but but but but but it's first person that means it's not true Resident Evil !!!!!

GamesMaster1982432d ago

If the Resi 2 Remake is anything like the Resi Remake I'll be very happy.

Evolve432d ago

This video brought up a whole a lot of great gaming memories. Man, we won't get back these fine days. It's all about money now. Releasing unfinished products. Pay to play online. Pay to win. Publishers telling the developers what to do. Look, if someone tells you the gaming industry back in the days was awful, tell him to STFU! ... period.

ocelot07431d ago

If the Resident Evil 2 Remake + These graphics + fixed camera gameplay = Winner Winner Zombie Dinner.