This Week At Bungie – 10/05/2017


This week at Bungie, we know the score.

The banners that fly in the Tower tell a truth that we have all known for some time: Dead Orbit is the faction that rules the hearts of the most Guardians. Do they all think they look better in black? Or are they just a generally moody bunch? We may never know the true motivations that sent them into the wild to express their loyalty through action.

What we know for certain is that Arach Jalaal is the champion of this first Faction Rally. His victory was not undisputed. Each faction put some respectable points on the board. Once the 61 Million reward packages were counted, Dead Orbit emerged the most profitable faction by a margin of more than 2 Million. New Monarchy was a close second. Future War Cult was an even closer third.

As promised, Dead Orbit has a prize on offer. If you pledged to them, it will be a steal. If you did not, but you still gotta have it, they’re about to steal from you. That will be the price of your treachery.

Faction Rally will return. New Monarchy and Future War Cult, we’ll let you know when you’ll have your chance for revenge! Next week, however, we’re clearing space in the Tower for another special guest.

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KaiPow353d ago

Seasons helped fix some of Diablo 3's (many) issues, maybe it could work for Destiny 2 on some level.

Palitera352d ago

But Destiny is all about selling DLC. There's a big difference in how these two games provide content (or don't provide, in Destiny's case, to sell dlc).

Anyway, the game is beautiful, the gameplay is amazing, but my copy is being resold since yesterday. Nothing else to do in the game except for rewardless pure repetition.

Rude-ro352d ago

Every game is repetition though...
The prestigious raid will have rewards as well. I can not wait till the final step for the exotic shotgun myself.
The dlc that you refer to is so much better than pvp maps that most fps games recieve. At least it offer far more in their dlc.
But to each their own.
What d2 is doing is trying out different options that will evolve over time as bungie studies the numbers.
As far as the "anger"... this game has had anger against it since destiny 1 was announced. At this point it just is a cry wolf situation as in, there is no media outlet or vocal minority that any destiny fan will believe.

The hardest part for many to understand is that this is a new year one with a timeline though out.

Gwiz352d ago

Yeah,I have refunded the PC version beforehand I was even done playing it.They really made it obvious where this series is headed.It's a shame,this game could really be A LOT more.

maybelovehate352d ago

Diablo also sells dlc. Not sure what you mean? Both great games though.

Bruh351d ago

As someone has said, a majority of games are all repetition without a goal. Like in COD MW2....what were you continually playing it for? Prestinging over and over again? Overwatch? The higher season standing is one, whats the other? To get more skins?

Sono421351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Gonna have to strongly disagree with Rude-ro, not every game is repetition, sure most games have repetitious moments, but Destiny is repetition the game and Destiny 2 is repetition on top of repetition. The first game offered little to nothing besides the raid and constantly trying to level up for it by grinding for loot. Destiny 2 is no different. Broken lackluster PvP and awful excuse for a campaign all while adding literally almost nothing new to the sequel. You can try include all little changes that could be done to the first game through hot fixes but why? You shouldn't need a sequel to fix broken elements of your game when (as I said) that could be done through hot fixes, you use the sequel to bring a whole lot of new to the table, and Destiny 2 does not. More of the same with some minor tweaks that should have been hot fixed in the original. It truly is Destiny 1.5 as people are calling it. I'm sure the DLC will have the same effect it did in Destiny 1, render all the grinding that you did for days on end... completely useless. It's hilarious how they continue to slap their fans in the face and they just love it. This game has to be categorized under some sort of mental addiction, honestly.

@Bruh you clearly don't understand the conversation if you are comparing this to MW2 and Overwatch. Those are PvP games, you play PvP for the competitive aspect. You practice so you wreck and make a fool of your friends and randoms online, all while unlocking things along the way. Destiny is never ending grinding to reach a set level cap so you can do more grinding, who are you competing against? The brainless AI everyone is slaughtering by the millions? Or are you racing your friends to be the first to the level cap so you can... do more grinding? The thing is you can't even talk crap to your friends about being a higher level on Destiny because that just means you got luckier with your RANDOM drops than they did, no skill required, just luck of the random never ending grind. Don't even try to kid yourself saying the PvP in Destiny is the draw either. You can't even talk about it without someone bringing up what a broken mess it is with terrible net code. No one buys Destiny for PvP. They buy it for grinding err sorry I mean "Those EPIC drops BRO and teh RAIDDD!!111!"

Edit: Sorry I just re read your comment and saw the part where you said Destiny 1 had anger against it since it was announced... um.. are you insane? That is not a joke either. The game had insane hype going for it, everyone was excited to see what Bungie (The critically acclaimed studio) was going to do next. Then most people were let down, hence the hate, but some people have built up some sort of mental addiction to the game and defend it to then end no matter how many times Bungie and Activision screw the payer base, but hey lucky for them they are loyal and willing to give up all the money they ask for ;)

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Cybermario353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

i am not surprised, one more time Bungie released a half finished game w/o deep content except the shiny coat paint we got. Looks pretty tho... very pretty.

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Mikelarry352d ago

@ -foxtrot

don't remind me of those times, I really had high hopes for the sequel,I am actually glad they delayed it for PC thanks for saving me money Bungie

InKnight7s352d ago

I imagined some real action and the true potientials of Mass Effect that get ruined in hand of EA, then yeah Destiny still Activision (easy, milking, no depth, barely developing anything) but come on who can blame this kind of half developing wgen people really support it as example COD, that game is the same since MW 6vs6 coma with no improvement, yearly releases and just if they didnt do this exo thing people would still support it despite of all COD issues and no real efforts in this game, however, WWII annouced and people support it back and no reviewers dare to give it low ratings.

2600Thunder352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

We were fooled again by Destiny marketing - though must of us were expecting this. When are we going to learn that the AAA Mafia marketers want us to spend money on their .0000000001% winning lotto tickets, gambling away for consumables and gear loot microtransactions and buying up the season passes. The low rate of winning in loot boxes effectively makes the prices of desired in-game assets cost 5x as much vs direct purchase.

Once I played through the strikes a few times and the raid on release week that was more than enough tediousness for me given my character was never really going anywhere. Haven't picked it up since and am not buying the season passes or PC versions like I had hoped if the game was great.

Gamers wanting to lose themselves in the Destiny universe will never get to enjoy as much variety and progression as a full fledged RPG no matter how much we trick ourselves. Destiny, like most AAA titles now, is a virtual slot machine with a short single player game in front.

codelyoko352d ago

Hope they can fix it in time for the PC launch!

2600Thunder352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

They lost me as a PC buyer. I was excited after the beta, so I picked up the PS4 standard edition (no preorder of course) and I finished the raid once; that was all I cared to play. The game goes no place no matter how much time you spend grinding (which I was willing to accept if they gave something back).

They repeatedly keep trying to brute force us into micro transactions and season passes, so they lost another long term customer which means they aren't getting a single cent for gambling. Not buying season passes for the PS4 version or any part of it for the PC version now.

Rude-ro352d ago

Name one thing that is "brute force" with micro transactions.

You do not like the game, cool, but when you say something like that, it tells me you have not even touched the game and are just jumping on the 3 year old band wagon of hating destiny.

After 4 weeks, where does any game go?

Bruh352d ago

Are people actually complaining about no grinding? Are you serious? One of the things me and my group appreciated the most is that the grind has been cut a lot. As a lot of us don't have 20 hours a week to give to grind.

You're bored? Go play another game...and come back when new content is available. That's how almost every game is made, there's a point where you play without reason, but rather just for fun

Palitera352d ago

How exactly do you benefit from the endgame being so short?

Bruh352d ago

The end game content is not short, it's more than vanilla Destiny 1. You just aren't no longer doing VOG or a boring ass strike for the 200th time to get the perfect roll. It's eliminated hardcore grinding and I can't complain. I do my weekly tasks, play some Trials and move on

About30Ninjas352d ago

Amen you couldn't said it better

link2Dpast352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Gotta agree with you 100%. Part 1 was just out of hand, I played for hours upon ours and never got an exotic , really sucked and gave it up. My only gripe on this one is you do need a clan to accomplish certain objectives, suck as nightfall which isn't near impossible to do alone

UnHoly_One352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Getting rid of random perk rolls on weapons was their huge mistake.

Now everyone just runs a few different weapons because every “origin story” is the same, for instance.

So all of my characters are running the exact same guns because they are my favorites and all have the same perks. And they are all so easy to find.

I have nine of “The number” from the future war cult, 1 for each element on each character. That would never have happened in D1.

Rude-ro352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

That is because weapon rolls took no iq and created ugly metas...
Now there are armor mods and exotics that when paired, gives players advantages according to their own play style. Most players have not even touched mods and complain about sitting at 270-is grand light level not knowing why.

UnHoly_One352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

All the armor mods really are is a way to CONTROL the bonuses you get from your armor.

Whereas in D1 you needed to find the piece you wanted with the bonuses you wanted. Mods are another shortcut allowing players a faster way to reach their perfect setup.

That sounds great on paper, but the faster we reach our perfect setup, the sooner we have nothing left to strive towards.

THAT is what people are complaining about.

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BEASELY352d ago

Lack of grind? Try getting exactly the right legendary mods you want on all of your armor...

UnHoly_One352d ago (Edited 352d ago )


I have so many legendary mods that I had to dismantle a bunch I don’t care about and put some others in my vault.

How is it hard to get the right legendary mods?

I have 2 or 3 of every legendary mod I use, AFTER filling up my armor.

Do you not buy blue mods? Do you let your glimmer fill up and just sit at max?

TheGamingArt352d ago

This, there’s a grind after 265

UnHoly_One352d ago

I have two 305’s and a 304.

The 304 I started last Sunday and she was 304 by Tuesday night.

There is no grind after 265, either. You just have to be smart with how you approach your weekly activities.

I don’t think you guys are even understanding what is meant by “grind”.

D1’s grind was a long, long hunt for the best and most perfect version of every weapon you liked and every piece of armor you wanted.

In D2, everything is the same. So you find what you like very quickly and then just wait till you find more stuff to infuse it up to max. Which comes with time just by doing your weekly and clan stuff.

I played D1 for a thousand hours, and never had a character I’d call “finished”, or “perfect”. I’ve got about 300 hours on D2 and with the exception of one exotic I’m missing, my three characters are all basically “perfect”.

That’s what we are complaining about.

TheGamingArt352d ago

LOL, I think you need a life and need to understand that 100+ hours in a week is considered a grind.

UnHoly_One352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

The game has been out 4 1/2 weeks, so it’s more like 66 hours a week, not 100.

I was on vacation for a week, also had some days off following surgery. So I’ve had a lot of playtime.

Also, once again, your definition of grind is completely wrong. It’s like you’re having a totally different conversation than the rest of us.

BEASELY351d ago

Yeah, dude, you just need to do other shit in life. Getting a specific mod for JUST your gauntlets requires that 30 or so hours I don't have to dedicate towards games. Burning out the game is your own fault, honestly.

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