A Hat in Time Causes Controversy Due To JonTron's Presence

The polarizing YouTuber’s presence has angered more than a few fans.

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lukferr284d ago

"Oh, I'm so outraged".... get over it morons. Go back to your safe space.

Scissorman82284d ago

remember when the word 'controversy' used to mean something?

Summons75284d ago

Wow is this the longest crybabies have held a grudge for? Figured they would have been over this 2 weeks after they got butthurt because of something else butthurt them.

gamejediben284d ago

There's nothing polarizing about JonTron. He's freakin hilarious.

But lets say he committed a horrible crime. That is still no reason to remove his voice from the game. It's called separating the art from the artist. I love Alan Moore's comics but I hate his political positions. That won't stop me from buying his books.

If you can't separate an artist from his art then you have the maturity of a 5 year old and have no business criticizing anyone. Once you're potty trained, people might start caring about your opinion.

CrystalFantasy284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Jon Tron is an idiotic racist and should be thrown into the gutter of American society which is currently populated by the Rush Limbaugh style right-wing republicas or as some would call, the "very fine people"

Dark_Knightmare2284d ago

You little snowflakes need to quit being such babies and move on from crap.

SlapHappyJesus284d ago

At least we know you'll be nice and warm, up your own rear, for the winter.

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