Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Now Open to All, Here Are My Impressions

GameSpew: Even though I'm not a massive Star Wars fan, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta has me pretty excited for the full game which is released this November.

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seanpitt23108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

I have been playing on the ps4 pro and it dosnt look that good to be honest, bf1 looks better.

Eonjay108d ago

Coming from someone who played a lot of call of duty, I don't think EA get enough credit for how good there current gen games look in comparison. I played the first Battlefront on PS4 and the visuals wiped the floor with COD. Having played battlefield. You probably have a different take.

MrFisher21108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

No, he is correct. I enjoyed all the games you mentioned. This game does not look good on the pro or my SUHD. BF1 has much cleaner textures and more detail. I was very unimpressed. The 1st one looked amazing at release. Mind blowing. This one is not clean looking at all.

Krysis108d ago

Maybe because it's a Beta version.

Sciurus_vulgaris107d ago

This game doesn’t have a real beta; you’re playing a demo.

Sgt_Slaughter107d ago

The game won't change hardly at all from the beta. If this were the alpha sure, you could use this argument.

Patches down the road can fix it, but if the beta looks sub-par in comparison it's not going to change at launch.

RommyReigns107d ago

Or maybe because we've got used to the hype and expectations then the initial mind-blown nostalgia moments from the first EA Battlefront (for me it lasted for about a week before I realised how shallow the game was).

MrFisher21107d ago

Really? Do you honestly believe this? Lol
Hopeful you are.

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FITgamer107d ago

Yeah there definitely something wrong with it visually. It looks terrible, also has this weird subtle heat wave effect.

Sam Fisher107d ago

Well i guess im not buying bf2, and was hoping they fixed everything that went wrong with sw bf1

Tsar4ever01107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I notice BF1 has an PC-like FOV slider, does BF2 have this also?

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Juiceid108d ago

My biggest gripe is that it takes too many hits to bring someone down. Damn laser sponges!

108d ago
oof46107d ago

A valid concern I've heard echoed. Too high TTK but grenades are super strong. Hopefully the final game isn't a nade fest.

REDGUM107d ago

Sorry to disagreewith you Juiceid but im hopeless at this beta (and loving it) the extra sponge protection is appreciated by yours truley. Lol.

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BadElf108d ago

Again, it just feels like something is missing. Feels boring. I don't know. And I'm not a Star Wars fan really...
Ok, so it hs "cool star wars sounds" ... wow, nice! But the gameplay just feels........ ________


Exactly, the games suck.. but fanboys will always purchase the games and then they will keep making them and never improve.. soooo

BadElf108d ago

To be fair, it is better than the 2015 Battlfront

Whitey2k108d ago

I find it way better then the other one not coin like for hero or machine in map and it's beta still time 4 improvements. I do agree with the specialist but the officer is by far weaker then the rest. I wait it out could be the map

Sciurus_vulgaris108d ago

The quality of the game won't matter. It will sell off of the hype of the upcoming film.

Sam Fisher107d ago

Im a star wars loyaltist, and i can tell you i wont buy this, they facked up bf1 and then didnt bother to really fix the issues, just added more stuff on it. I can be a fanboy but im not blind

REDGUM107d ago

Just like COD, battlefield, Gran Turismo, PES, FIFA, etc etc...... yeah, there're all just as crap as thier 1st installments. Nothing has changed at all, no improvements... lol. Sometimes people are just never satisfied!

RommyReigns107d ago (Edited 107d ago )


Yeah the specialist and officer do seem weak compared to the assault and heavy, I assume the specialist weakness is to combat the possibility of maps becoming infested with snipers, but with officer the weapons are weak and I ended up abusing the turret and detonating nade often in rounds.

I am a Star Wars nut and was so disappointed with Battlefront 1 that I am definitely not buying this day 1 (sold the game after two weeks, but kept the nice steelbook to put in a blu ray rip of Harmy's Original Trilogy despecialized restoration), but so far the beta plays better than EA Battlefront. Now just seeing how those pay 2 win star cards affect the gameplay before deciding to get this for the multiplayer or months later for the campaign.


Preach! So disappointed with the few improvements to PES 18 especially in terms of gameplay, plus MyClub has gone much worse and unforgiving compared to last year. Hopefully I can get the Platinum trophy or close to it by the end of November (unlikely though because of the damn 'win 2 in a row against Legend difficulty' bronze trophy).

SixFragz107d ago

I don't know, I wouldn't go as far as saying the game sucks, but it does lack a sort of punch. Granted, I only played one round of the beta so my opinion could change, but my initial impression is that the game doesn't feel very gripping. I expect the game to do well commercially though, and I expect good reviews.

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Crazywhitie108d ago

I agree. It doesn't feel right at all

Sciurus_vulgaris108d ago

The game has the same boring, random combat, as Battlefront (2015), its blatantly imbalanced also. There is no depth, no resource management, unlimited ammo, and grenades "recharge". I don't get how the company that created Battlefield, the game the original battlefronts are based on, can't manage to make a fair, balanced class-based Star Wars shooters.

Bobafret107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I think for me that when I get a kill it doesn't feel like I have accomplished anything. Also there is no real weight to anything, it all feels floaty and cheap. It's all about spectacle and pretty explosions. I am having a bit of fun with Starfighters since switching the controls to legacy, rolling with the right stick feels super awkward to me.

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quenomamen108d ago

They bringing back the stupid OP Heros that there for no other reason than cuz some Star Wars fanboy at DICE though "How cool would it be if you could be Darth Vader and own people in multiplayer?"

Well, its not cool, its dumb. You want to play as Darth Vader ? cool, then add a Hero only TDM or some other crap.

akurtz108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

oh the uninformed!!!!!
the heros arent op, thy get humiliated if they push all crazy. theyre more vulnerable than the first.

also there is a all hero tdm , heroes vs villains. just git gud

cfc83108d ago

Sounds like an access game.

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