The HD Retro Movement: New Systems, Old Games

Lately, there has been a rush to modernize the retro experience. In addition to emulation via RetroPie and EmulationStation, several companies have announced or released new hardware that plays retro games. Some, like Hyperkin’s Retron 5 and the Yobo’s FC2 Slim, play original cartridges from several classic systems. These are geared for gamers who have a collection of original games and want an easy way to play them without connecting multiple systems.

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gangsta_red348d ago

There's always been a need to relive or revisit nostalgia with in video games.

link2Dpast348d ago

As a collector I could honestly say I would play them more but they look horrible on a big tv. I know there upscalers, most famous being the frameister but the prices are absurd. I have a retron 5 and does a good enough job