Assassin's Creed: Origins Dev on Recreating Pyramids and Staying Far Away from Floating Collectibles

Ashraf Ismail, Director on Assassin's Creed: Origins, stated that the team stood far away from adding 'floating collectibles' and opted for content that has meaning.

He also talked about the challenge of recreating pyramids with almost 100% of the architecture successfully replicated.

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ccgr230d ago

Nice, floating collectibles is getting rather old

HotMess230d ago

Yeah floating collectibles aren’t really historically accurate.

FullmetalRoyale230d ago

“That’s the great thing about the animus.”
-Every other AC dev.

Relientk77230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

I hated collecting all 100 feathers in Assassin's Creed 2. It took so long, but I wanted that platinum trophy


Imp0ssibl3230d ago

I'm happy I'm not a trophy Hunter as that's kinda extreme

brokasfawk230d ago

It wasn’t as tedious as it sounds

That was a fairly easy platinum

Lighter9230d ago

That 100% memory sync stops me in every game. I'd love to give examples, but the majority of the time, my character won't cooperate.

Kavorklestein230d ago

Collecting all flags in AC 1 was BY FAR THE WORST collecting experience I've ever had in any game.
And by worst, I mean tedious... Once I had them all however.... I felt like king of the land.

Chris_Wray230d ago

From what I got to play at EGX, I'm somewhat impressed with Origins. It did suffer from some fairly large framerate issues on the PC version I played, but that should hopefully be ironed out before release. A focus on historical accuracy, at least with the pyramids and location, should be nice. As for collectibles, I'm sure they'll have replaced them with some other asinine thing.

opinionated230d ago

It never bothered me. It makes sense though. Assassins creed 1 was stupid realistic to me. The animations, the graphics, it was top notch. Having these random things floating around does seem out of place when I think about it. Moreso than the random animus glitches. I never really thought about it till I read this lol.