The Artful Escape Dev On Exclusivity: “Can’t Go Back” After Seeing 4K on Xbox One X Dev Kit

Creator Johnny Galvatron says that 4K/60 FPS on the Xbox One X is "on the cards."

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Sm00thNinja283d ago

While this game is beautiful I doubt it's anything the PS4 Pro couldn't pull of as well

fiveby9283d ago

Pretty hard for a business to ignore a 60+ million user install base because it looks pretty. Money talks.

oSHINSAo283d ago

They are not going to be ignored, they only will have a little lower resolution and definition game, but the same

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XMarkstheSpot283d ago

Tons of PC games in general don't release on any console platform all the time ignoring the console community in general. So ignoring a platform shouldn't always be brought up

uptownsoul282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@Woolly_ - "Where were the 60 million user base for LawBreakers? Or even Gravity Rush 2? lol"

While it is easy to cherry pick any individual game on PS4 and ask where the 60M user base was...The PS4 still has an 8.07 attach rate as of June 12, 2017 (487.8M PS4 games sold divided by 60.4M PS4 consoles sold) - which is phenomenal for that size install base


bumbleforce282d ago

Worked fine for lots of developers on of Xbox or for the makers of xenoblade on Wii u

shloobmm3282d ago


Looks pretty exclusive to me based on these comments.

However, at E3 2017, The Artful Escape creator Johnny Galvatron had truly transcended from music to game development. As the lead guitarist for The Galvatrons, he decided to bring his game to consoles via the Xbox One and Xbox One. Of course, it’s coming to PC as well but why not other platforms?

GamingBolt spoke to Galvatron about the same and he said that he made the decision, “After seeing it play at 4K on the dev kit. Can’t go back after that.”

Stogz282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

@Woolly_ you sure you wanna go there? How many copies did they sell on Halo Wars 2? Did that pass 1 million yet? How about Quantum Break? Recore? See how this is a dumb thing to bring up?

darx282d ago

Stogz...I think you missed his point.

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spicelicka283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

But why would that be relevant? The developer is saying they "can't go back", which implies going back to previous consoles like the original Xbox One. They made absolutely no claims that the Pro couldn't pull it off with this game.

nitus10282d ago

Sure the developer could say the XB1x version will be the best compared to the PS4pro but like it or not the game will be coming to the XB1 base and slim models which are not as powerful as the base PS4. It looks like the PS3 and XBox360 could easily handle a game like this.

The game is 2D and IMHO the animation is sort of "Meh!" with a "Simon Says" music playing mechanic. still if you like that style of game then fine.

Actually, if you like classical music how about Eternal Sonata which was 720p with 3D environments, much better character display and animation on both the XB360 and PS3. Even though the game was 720p it still looked so much better than The Artful Escape.

spicelicka279d ago

"Sure the developer could say the XB1x version will be the best compared to the PS4pro but like it or not the game will be coming to the XB1 base and slim models which are not as powerful as the base PS4."

But again, the devs never even mentioned PS, why do you need to shove it into the discussion as if you have to defend something that's not even being attacked?

Bigpappy283d ago

Maybe. But the pro is definitely NOT X1X equal. Not even close. Right now it has a hard time demonstrating it's power over the X1-s and base PS4. It is a lack luster upgrade, while the X seems like a full next gen system. That is the problem the pro has.
Having said that, the pro will look better on 4K TV's than any of the base units, due to its better resolution bump.

SurgicalMenace282d ago

You are aware that all this resolution talk will NOT overshadow the lack of development skills shown by Microsoft. It is true that the XB1X is more powerful than the PS4, but so was the original Xbox over the PS2. History told that tale and this one is only a repeat in high definition. Sure resolution equates to sharper images, but place that on top of games like Recore or Quantum Break's low res matted texture. What you will find is all the evidence needed, showing a lack of development talent. Now, talking exclusives, Sony has in house as well as 3rd parties with so much faith in their Pro or otherwise that they've not cancelled their projects in favor of native 4K. This FACT cannot and will not be ignored by individuals grabbing at hopes that a console released with only 3rd party support will turn things around. Ask yourself, if the 3rd parties are so taken aback by XB1X, why are none of them willing to develop exclusive titles for it? Finally, releasing a 500.00 console in the wake of the holidays will only spell disastrous for XB when placed against the PS4 and Swith momentum. Remember they both have games that will stand apart from the 3rd party while still including them. Options are always better. Please stop acting like the release of the XB1X is going to stop the PS4 or Switch from out selling it.

spreadlove282d ago

Well, he saw 4k on Scorpio and couldn't resist. Very few games on PS4 Pro is native and almost none of them is AAA current game, except for maybe one.

Sm00thNinja282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Except I have 2 on order and can probably bet my gamerscore out does yours. This game doesn't look taxing. Maybe a game like Assassins Creed origins or Anthem will show off the Xbox One Xs true capabilities but not this. Even though it's a gorgeous title

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marquisray283d ago

face it the pro out shines the xbox s, the xbox x outshine the pro, facts, the ps5 will outshine the x, the x 5 will do the same just live with it lol

spreadlove282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Pretty much. Isn't progress in technology wonderful?

For now though, the Xbox One X is the most powerful console, and it has future compatibility. Something Sony has been very vague about and by vague, I mean spoken out against it on several occasions.

robleroy282d ago

“Future compatibility...”
Another lame term MS has invented.
Real future compatibility would be xbcx one x being able to play xbox two games.
That does not make sense at all.
If it would ,the ps3 would also be future proof with its internall bluray player and wifi...
Future proof but not having VR...
Give me a break!

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