Why did the SNES Classic manage to bring out the worst in gamers?

Patrick Scott Patterson discusses the substantial negativity online surrounding Nintendo's recently-released SNES Classic.

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trumpwonstopcrying48d ago

I'm very happy with it actually. I made plenty of profit and kept one to enjoy. The negativity is from the people who just like to complain about scalpers and shortages while making no actual effort to get a console themselves. Lazy individuals.

GamesMaster198248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

But people were trying really hard to get one, But its scalpers like you who prevented it.People who are sat at their keyboard waiting for the moment it went on sale and greeding the orders up before anyone else who really wanted one for their personal own even got a chance. So there is nothing lazy about it.

nitus1048d ago

I am not on the side of scalpers but basically what we are seeing here is "supply and demand." The real people to blame are the people who are stupid enough to pay the exorbitant price that scalpers demand. If those people had a little bit of patience then we would see scalping disappear but "no" they have to have the latest "shiny" now.

RommyReigns47d ago

I bet trumpwinstopcrying only got one SNES Classic and is just baiting flamewars with the 'haha I got loads and sold them for mega profit' rhetoric.

supermonkeyfox48d ago

Trumpwonstopcrying, you are the fucking problem.

Rare47d ago

your apathy & lack of understanding, coupled with your SJW profile name = absolutely fackin disgusting.

shame on you & like minded individuals.

link2Dpast47d ago

I get where your coming from but your reasoning is wrong, it's not being a lazy gamer. The reality is "gamers" like you already know the ins and outs of getting these systems, either using bots or knowing people in the stores, not everyone knows or has the luxury of these methods. The fact you guys justify your actions because of profit is sad, yes money is good like I said I get. it's the attitudes your scalpers persist to have The egos, not everyone is willing to sit on a computer or on a line to turn a 50$ profit, if you think you guys are actually turning "profit" you guys are by far disconnected from the real world, your easily making enough for a tank of gas on each sell. IF your selling to boost your collection like a lot us retro gamers then go for it, sell to buy is always the best route but ignore your crying profit the gen need another another job, a real job where 50-60$ profit has no pride in i cuz the that aint crap

link2Dpast47d ago

I get it I really do, make some extra chase here and there but that's not the problem, the problem you scalpers have is your ego. You guys justify all your actions in the name of "profit" it's more than that, it's the rush of being a dick. Your reasoning is all wrong, I myself didn't get a system and I'm not lazy, none of us are lazy to get something we want. The reality is a lot of you scalpers know the ins and outs, by either using bots or knowing someone is a store, not everyone knows or has these luxuries. Like I said I get it, money is good but if you guys honestly believe flipping something for 50-60$ is so called "profit" you guys are poorly disconnected from the real world. That profit you guys turn are what enough for a tank of gas and that depends the car you have, or is it to support your family I can't fathom that. Either way there

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irishyort48d ago

Definitely a trend. The C64 one coming soon has 2 good games on it.... 2. Missing a heap of games that would have made it much better. Lucky there are emulators for these things because clearly people making them cannot pick games. Unfortunately they will all sell out, but really they shouldnt

Einhander197148d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I have the original snes, and a retron 5, so that's why I didn't bother. And I knew there would be certain individuals that would try to sell them for silly prices no thanks.

datriax48d ago

Maybe because.... most people are a**holes at heart, and this simply brings it out in them? I mean really, just look at internet commenting for the past 20 years.

When people face no consequence for their words or actions, they show their true selves, and most of them, are s**theads.

This here was simply a match to light the fire, as most public s**t tossing is.

GrimDragon47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Maybe it's from the Aholes who somehow managed to grab all available snes classics and put them on eBay-and Amazon at twice the original price. Not to mention the dumb @sses that inadvertently support this behavior by buying these scalped products creating a large gap among the haves and have nots.

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