Does The Witcher 3 on PS4 Pro deliver a top-tier 4K experience?

Digital Foundry: "First it wasn't happening at all, but now it's a reality. The Witcher 3's PS4 Pro patch 1.51 landed this week, finally giving us that coveted 4K support, and what CD Project Red describes as a slight performance boost. It's a tiny update in size - just over 100MB - but the impact is huge for PS4 Pro owners. To what extent is 4K delivered with the update, how does it stack up against the base PS4 version, and what do 1080p display users get from the deal? And finally, how does the new code compare with the full fat PC experience?"

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Sonic_Vs_Mario436d ago

Nope. PlayStation 4 Pro doesn't offer high/Ultra textures and it's using Checkerboarding technique

lukferr436d ago

People act like checkerboard looks bad... it looks friggin amazing. Horizon Zero Dawn used checkerboard and it's the most visually impressive game I've ever seen. This is a nice update for PS4 Pro owners, especially considering we weren't supposed to get anything when CDPR were asked in the past.

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freshslicepizza435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Looks good,

1920x2160 being checkerboard to 4K
Super sampling for 1080p TV's
21fps - 30fps

shloobmm3435d ago

Yeah Pro owners can thank MS and the X for that.

Prince_TFK435d ago (Edited 435d ago )


Maybe the Phantom Thieves was on the case.

MrSwankSinatra435d ago

Why you people always have to contradict yourselves. Before the pro came out all of the Sony corporate fanboys were clamoring on about how the Xbox was inferior to visual fidelity of the PS4, now that the pro is out people are calling out it's flaws as system due to it being under powered. Sonic_Vs_Mario clearly stated a fact about the Pro and then people like you automatically deflect saying it's not that bad. FACT of the matter is the PS4 Pro does not offer a top tier 4K experience, it just doesn't and anyone who is versed within the realm of 4K and has seen "TRUE" 4K would agree. Sony tried to pull a fast one and now it's biting back, they should have waited to put out the Pro with higher specs. Simple.

BrettAwesome435d ago

No no, you're mistaken. The ps4pro is soon to be second most powerful. The ordinary Xbox is the underpowered one. You know? The 720p/900p dial-up-modem-look-a-like XD

Ju434d ago

CB is obviously good when used in x-tra titles like TR or QB. Of course. Not so much when it's done on a Sony console :/ /s

Ben360live434d ago

Whilst I agree that a 4K Checkerboard image looks exceptional, a good TV will show the difference between a checkerboard and native image.

andrewsquall433d ago

@shloobmm3 And XboneX owners (the ZERO amount of them so far anyway) can thank Sony for their GDDR5 PS4 and the fact that devs have a lot of experience working with this architecture on a console over the last 4 year now.

Do Sony thank Microsoft for launch PS4 game, Resogun, getting 4K enhancements and HDR? Is the Xbone equivalent, Lococycle, getting 4K enhancements hahaha?

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tontontam0435d ago (Edited 435d ago )


Playstation 4 vs xbox one vs xbox s = fair to compare

playstation 4 pro vs xbox one x = only idiots would expect equal performance from them considering xbox one x being a year older and more expensive.

if you have money buy the xbox one x
if you have infinite money buy a very expensive pc
if you like ps4 exclusives buy the ps4 pro

Kribwalker435d ago

you can’t honestly say only an idiot would compare them. all of last gen the 360 and ps3 were comparedand the ps3 came out a year later

tontontam0435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Xbox 360 was clearly more powerful. (xbox 360 almost always gets a superior version of 3rd party games)
but sony has been talking a lot trying to justify the price because of the so called "CELL CHIP", and the power they were talking about were shown in some games(but not worth buying a ps3 over 360).

But this case is different it's pure power comparison, no possible chance that the ps4 pro version will look better, if the games looks and performs better on the ps4 pro then the devs messed up.

In short
ps3 vs xbox 360=( ryzen vs intel)
ps4 pro vs xbox one x= (gtx 1060 vs gtx 1070)

Master of Unlocking435d ago

How you even have more disagree votes than agree votes for stating that simple fact is beyond me...

Ju435d ago

This generation is the first where we do not have power parity at a great margin while still running the same games. Also what's new is, we don't have price parity either. Of course performance will be compared. And price will be forgotten. I am OK with what I got. I'm quite ok what the pro delivers.

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Destiny1080435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

the ps4 pro has 5 and a half gigs for textures a lot of pcs have eight gigs

my guess is developers wont push past 8 gigs which means the ps4-pro textures will look near identical to pc and xbox, if your looking for some amazing differences your going to be disappointed

with the pro using checkerboard rendering even a higher resolution wont be that noticeable

the only way your going to see clear differences is with exclusives which take advantage of the Xboxes 40% more power and so far there's literally nothing and with all games required to work on the standard xbox I don't see them ever taking full advantage before next gen starts

tontontam0435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Ohh so you haven't noticed, people are now slowly erasing the existence of the original xbox one and xbox one x,

it's all about the "BEAST" now as if everyone will upgrade to it and throw away their original xbox one.
I'm sure that eventually games that are highly optimized on xbox one x and that will run poorly on original xbox one will come out.

microsoft will just say "upgrade to the "BEAST"" for better performance.

DrumBeat435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Have to agree.

It's a great improvement, but a top-tier 4K experience? No. It's not native 4K. It's 1920x2160. Top-tier, in my opinion, has to be native (at least) with other bells and whistles. To even be in top-tier territory, it's gotta be native. That's like, the base requirement.

Also, I'm currently playing and it looks fantastic, so I'm not trying to downplay. When I think "top-tier" though, I think of a baseline native 4K.

Ju434d ago

So, none of the x-tra AAA titles will be "top tier" then. Is that what you are saying?

steveo123456434d ago

25 fps in some parts. All in all cdpr have done a great job, but theres an old saying, you cant push a chain

Ju434d ago

30fps in others where slim drops to 25 (Novigrad)

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_LarZen_436d ago

Not compared what a PC can do. But damn it’s impressive what CD PROJEKT RED have pulled off. Hopefully they will address the areas with some fps issues.

I just watched the video on a 4K TV and it looked stunning! Going to be interesting to see how the Xbox One X version will be.

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TRU3_GAM3R435d ago

Xb1X will do better for sure because more power (:

LP-Eleven435d ago

And PC remains ahead because more power (:

OT: Looks fantastic! Good to see the Pro being utilized this way! Just bought one recently, in fact!

LP-Eleven435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

@343: Is the Xbox One X going to cost $100?

Bigpappy435d ago

Everyone already knows what the X will cost. He asked that question about price of PC because you never qualified what type or range of PC. They are not all the same. That's why we say the X as oppose to the S when we talk 4K as all Xbox's aren't the same.

AspiringProGenji435d ago

Here you are abain overblowing the price of a PC. A $1200 delivers a top tier experience with a GTX 1070/60. And even thought it is still more expensive than the X is is still the better investment in the long run.

mocaak435d ago


$1200 is a GTX 1080 PC range, definitely not a 1060.

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THC CELL435d ago

Best u will see from xbx will take 2 years ps5 games are in make now

Death435d ago

Soooo.... you are implying the PS5 will ship and have games before November? What games do you believe are being made for PS5 right now? I would think with the user base that is still growing, PS4 would be the target platform for games being made today.

The "best" we see on any console is typically at the end. The games released in 2018 should look better than the ones in 2017 and 2019's releases should look better yet. Are you suggesting we should all stop gaming and wait for PS5 to ship?

aaronaton434d ago

Xb1x is relying heavily on some of these old titles it would seem.

Enjoigamin435d ago

4k updates for past games don't matter. At least that's what I been hearing.

Rude-ro435d ago

Also hear "certain fankids must be nervous for being in articles commenting on something they do not like"....

Enjoigamin434d ago

I loved Witcher 3 ..played it twice...not sure what your getting at.