No Man's Sky Update 1.38 Released On PS4 And PC, Here Are The Patch Notes

Hello Games launches another patch for No Man's Sky, and this one features some welcome changes to saves, the Analysis Visor, and more.

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inveni0285d ago

I had started spending tons of time in this game again, right before the last major update…the one everyone was waiting for. And then the update hit, and it wiped all of my crafting knowledge and replaced it with new "recipes," and I was so not in the mood to do all of that grinding again that I have, ironically, not played the game since. Which really bums me out, because I was having fun.

Xenophon_York285d ago

Still makes me sad this game crumbled under the weight of its own potential.

Team_Litt285d ago

Lol No Man's Sky. This abomination still a thing?

KwietStorm285d ago

Do games cease to exist because some people cry about them on the internet?

dennigo285d ago

so you just came here to post this? sad life

sinspirit285d ago

It's gotten way more hate than it deserves. They misled a few things, but most of the complaints of "lying" were from consumers and reviewers blowing info out of proportion. It was always stated to be for adventure and exploration. Not a deep storyline or shoot em up. There is definitely a lot they should have done to make it more exciting at launch. There office was flooded and they had to rebuild a huge amount of code for the game. They should have just delayed it and had an open beta, probably just released it as an early access title on PSN with a short video explaining why some features are running behind(the aforementioned flood pushing a lot of developer time out the window).

Summons75285d ago

Wow, way to spin it you sad apologist. No, they got caught with their pants down. They straight up LIED and there is video proof of it. Stop denying that they sold this game under false pretenses and when it released it was a piece of crap and it will always be a piece of crap. If you somehow found a way to enjoy it, great but stop spreading fake information because you can't admit the game was an abysmal failure and trash.

sinspirit285d ago


Ridiculous. I've seen the video. I didn't say that everything they said was the way it turned out to be. I clearly mentioned that above.

You can spout insults like apologist without taking a look at yourself. You're pouting with extremely critical feedback that is piggybacked off of a massive anti-hype train for this specific game that has practically formed your opinion for you. You just want to be negative because it's easy to be and "cool" to do. The game was so ridiculously huge that the fans and industry overhyped the heck out it. Everything they didn't deliver on that other developers are very guilty of was exponentially more critical on them because people thought it was going to be more than an exploration based game with light elements from various others. They didn't deliver on every promise. That is true. The proof is the game has a 7.1/10 on metacritic for a brand new IP, but the user score is severely low because of a, mostly, toxic user-base saying it missed more promises than it actually did, and expected a different game that it was never said to be.

PatriotOfIron284d ago

Summons is right, this is why gaming is dying

sinspirit284d ago (Edited 284d ago )


Gaming is "dying" due to annual franchises like Call of Duty being unimaginative and having nothing that could individually be said is of high quality about the game. It's an average quality title that sells off of friends telling friends they should get it. Not because a large portion of players actually think, "Oh, look at this amazing game! I'm, going to buy it for me".

It's "dying" due to annual franchises like several 2K sports titles that merely update a roster with minor graphical and gameplay tweaks. Literally a $60 update. People should be buying new experiences and diversifying themselves. Not throwing money at the same thing every year.

It's "dying" due to lack of imagination to diversify the industry. Well, Sony and Nintendo have a lot of titles that use imagination. Third parties and MS are falling behind.

It's actually not "dying" though. It's growing. These are just some of the reasons why people wonder they are not on their consoles right now, or that there is "nothing out". They don't want to try different experiences. They just want to moan and complain when something different seems controversial and then ignore the same controversy for the titles they buy multiple entries of.

The only thing actually "dying" is journalism of all kinds. It's filled with false information, bait titles, unrelated articles that mention one key word for the soul purpose to claim it's now an article about X and Y when Y was mentioned one time for the purpose to attract more attention(AKA articles that mention a console one time when it's entirely about another console aside from that one mention), and toxic fanbase such as Summons75. It's also obvious that you're an alt. No one comments that much in a day and has been logged off for a year. It's clearly a self-pity moment where you knew you lost some form of argument so you have to remember your old login details to self-reinforce one of your prior comments. Leaving out a period from most of your comments totally "fools" people.

XisThatKid284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Yes there are Sheeple out the that live spreading toxic behavior in the spirit of mass appeal and anonymous negativity and naming it their own opinion when the time comes. These are the disgusting individuals never played the games and never had the intention to while spreading this trash for the likes or trolling.
Sorry I said "individuals" I meant a malignant Self righteous hive mind feeding on just the negative commentary often created by critics.

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Retroman285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Anyone speak the truth still getting disagrees, matter of fact i dont care, Disagrees will not Ever change the Hardcore Facts nor my opinion .

No matter what they say STILL PIECE OF CRAP.
Sean Murray trying his best to keep this abomination alive Why???
it was sent back to retailer after realizing no contact with other gamers online and each planet is identical, no space battle as promise . im sure with all these patches still no contact or space battles.

Psychotica285d ago

Actually the so called "hardcore facts" is just your opinion, no need to separate..

gbsrnctaln285d ago

Planets are far from "identical", and there are space battles dumdum. would know that if you actually played the game instead of just reading bullshit spread about it on the internet.

PatriotOfIron284d ago

this site is full of the braindead, tread carefully

Lon3wolf285d ago

Is bashing it after all this time still a thing?

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Yohshida285d ago

Its getting great reviews on steam, guess I should pop it in an play it again

Gwiz285d ago

Not going to question people's fun,this game should've been an early access title.
There is no way around that fact,Hello Games used Sony to trick all of us,that's
my greatest issue with this game.(PS4/PC copy purchaser).

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