Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X: CD Talks “Highest Fidelity Version,” Frame Rate and Much More

DualShockers talks with Crystal Dynamics Senior Brand Director Rich Briggs about the Xbox One X version of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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ONESHOTV2352d ago

correction highest on console

Trekster_Gamer352d ago

You sound like a PC elitist that is "that guy".

ONESHOTV2352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

well, I wouldn't consider my self a console gamer anymore because I don't even use the PS4 pro much so i guess you are correct and what is wrong with being an elitist? well I multiple platform owner would be a better choice if I had to pick lol

TedCruzsTaint351d ago

If something can produce a finer version of a product, is admitting as much elitism? Or is it just stating that truth?

There are console elitists. And there are PC elitists. Graphics just tends to be one of those areas where PC gamers get to credit their allegiance to the platform.

TankCrossing352d ago

Debatably highest fidelity version anywhere. The PC version never got HDR.

ONESHOTV2352d ago

TankCrossing---- HDR is something only you can see so what's the point in boasting about it ?? and let's not forget we have sweetfx/reshade and yes everyone can see it choose the one you like that's all you have to do here a sample

TankCrossing352d ago

Eh? I like to think I'm awesome in many ways, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that can see HDR.

Death352d ago

I'm pretty sure I can see HDR as well. It's much easier with a 4K set that has HDR capability and a PC or console that supports it.

Bruh352d ago


WTFF bro I thought my HDR enabled TV would let me see HDR. But now I know you're the 4K messiah who can only see true HDR

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noksucow73352d ago

I can see HDR. I think thats what that is on my screen....maybe

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352d ago
B1uBurneR352d ago

The beast will be tied to these words on consoles "best" and "highest" until the next console arrives. Nov 7 cometh.

Tazzy352d ago

Just another game from the Xbox 360/Xbox One that should be looking phenomenal on the Xbox One X show me the next Tomb Raider running only on Xbox One/S/X exclusively then we can talk. Hypocritical Xbox fans will say that it can't be done because PS4 held it back or something I haven't seen anything on Xbox One X that has wowed me to be honest I was more wowed by the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 at e3.

itsmebryan352d ago

You are entitled to your opinion. But, from what I have seen the X1X is a bigger improvement over the PS4 Pro than the PS4 was over the X1. The X1X appears to be such a leap over the PS4 Pro that they don't even compare it to the Pro and just compare it to PC. I don't remember them comparing the Pro to PC. The Pro now looks like a mistake. They should have made a bigger leap in performance like the X1X. Now the can't use there slogans "Games play better on PlayStation!". Anymore after November 7.

Do you think the X1X will effect the PS4 Pro sales. Not the standard PS4 because that has alot of momentum. Just the Pro.

Tazzy352d ago

The PS4PRO is an upgrade and Playstation should have put it out from the start instead of releasing it a few years down the road. The Xbox One X hasn't shown anything but Cupheads and Super Lucky Tale in 4k 30-60fps Metro was running on PC. They have Anthem and Assassins Creed coming but both use checkerboarding. Most games are just Xbox One upgrades when I'm wowed by a game that does 4k 30-60fps I'll grab one until then I'll stick with my PS4PRO.

Lighter9352d ago


Don't forget Minecraft in 4k.


Death352d ago


Why did you buy a Pro?

blackblades352d ago

Why would they make a bigger leap when it was suppose to be a mid gen. With the ps5 coming in a few years from now, so it wasn't a mistake.

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Gman32352d ago

Oh ok you one of those guys who like to say xbox one x is nothing or im not impress with it

Tazzy352d ago

No it is something but 90% of the games that can do 4k 30-60fps are updated Xbox One games if it was as powerful as people are saying how come Fable Fortune is targeting 4k 60fps its a card game it should be able to do it no problem. It has limitations with Halo 5 and thats an Xbox One update Star Citizen isn't even coming to it and that game looks incredible. Show me Halo 6 running the game 4k 30-60fps then I'll believe the hype until then I don't believe its as powerful as people are saying. C'mon Tomb Raider looks better on Xbox One X than PC and ubisoft saying Assassins Creed on Xbox One X is the best version when PC clearly eats console up its just a ubisoft employee hyping the console because they have a deal with Microsoft if they had a deal with Nintendo and said Assassins Creed Black Flag looked better on Wii U than PS4 Xbox One and PC you'd people would be all over it saying theres no way.

81BX352d ago

As powerful as people are saying? Look at the games running on the x. That's the power my friend.

LordJamar352d ago

Even if they did have it you kinda people will always down play xbox

Tazzy352d ago

I have an Xbox One S Microsoft hasn't shown me anything on that in quite some time the last game I bought was Quantum Break whether you dedicated Xbox fans like it or not the Xbox One X is going to struggle in sales against Playstation and Nintendo and sales make a console people ay the Switch is selling because its new what will be the excuse when Xbox One X don't sell? If they can wow me with a game like Gears 5 with an updated game engine I'll give props to Xbox One X and buy one but they haven't shown me anything yet.

81BX352d ago

Transitioned to sales I see. I like you. You make a point but have extras incase you need to divert.

nativegoku352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

The developers who made the 360 version aren't the ones who made the current gen version. You want exclusives but I want the TIME to play ANY game. Regardless if its switch, ps, xbox. No adult who games on spare time gives a shit. Just play what the hell you want JESUS MAN WTF

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