The Game Boy Classic Mini Is Now One Step Closer To Fruition

Nintendo Co, Ltd has just registered a trademark for the Game Boy in Japan.

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Toadsanime283d ago

Although I don't think a Game Boy Classic is totally impossible, this filing was a story a month ago when it was first accepted, so 'just' isn't apt.

It's also a specific image trademark to be used for merchandise. It doesn't have anything to do with hardware.

DivineAssault 283d ago

Ill be passing on this if they jack up the price

NotoriousWhiz283d ago

Do they mean the game boy pocket? Already been done.

InTheZoneAC283d ago

not sure I would buy this. I have a new 3ds xl, a smaller handheld than the original wouldn't be the same as an actual console. Just give me mini n64 and gamecube and I'll be happy.

gangsta_red283d ago

At the time the Gameboy games were fun but I personally believe that they have not aged will at all. Not to mention having the whole green monochrome type of color the games had. This would be a tougher sell imo.

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