Super NES Classic Edition gives the '90s' greatest RPGs another chance to shine

Every console makes a name for itself when it comes to providing games from certain genres. With the Super NES, Nintendo provided a system renowned for its RPGs. Japan came out in full force to support it with 30-60 hour adventures every few months. It was a wonderful time. But, there is a downside to all of these games being so good, and that is that their value only increased over the years. Their reputation preceded them, making them near impossible to find until Virtual Console releases. Even then, people needed to have a Nintendo 3DS or Wii U to properly access each one. The Super NES Classic Edition is important because it is a tool providing easy and immediate access to some of the most influential RPGs of all time.

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PhoenixUp139d ago

The Legend of Zelda isn't an RPG series

Tankbusta40138d ago

I never bought SNES and felt that SEGA Genesis was far superior at the time. I will concede that Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and Mario Kart were exceptional

instantstupor138d ago

It gives games another chance to shine for the 5 people who legit bought it and the 800,000 scalpers selling them for $180 a pop on eBay. A shame how hard to come by these silly things are.