Sixth Generation Video Games That Deserve The Remaster Treatment

Do you remember the golden era of gaming that took place during the lifespan of the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox? We have compiled a list of titles ranging from instant hits to cult classics from this timeline that could serve as solid candidates for the remaster treatment, a popular trend in this day and age.

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PhoenixUp198d ago

More GameCube games should be remastered

darthv72197d ago

And with proper HD anti aliasing the pong dot will look like a dot and not a block.

nucky64197d ago

and in VR - I want to see that dot coming at me!

Eidolon197d ago

No way man, that's too extreme..

darthv72197d ago

Stubbs the Zombie and an HD (hand drawn) version of Grabbed by the Ghoulies would look slick in current gen.

New-Breed197d ago

I had completely forgotten about Stubbs. What a gem

SickSinceSix197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Need for Speed: Underground 2 & Most Wanted (2005), Burnout 3, Time Splitters series, Def Jam: Fight for NY, Black and Twisted Metal: Black would be some of my nominations for 6th gen remasters.

Oh and XIII, loved the cel-shaded graphics in that game.

New-Breed197d ago

I almost included XIII in this list!

DreadGara197d ago

Awesome Cold Winter thumbnail, It actually gave me goosebumps 😂

morganfell197d ago

Cold Winter was a rare game for me. There is a certain moment in the game where something tragic occurs. I won't post a spoiler but I remember sitting there at 2am thinking, "Okay you bastard. I am not going to bed until you are dead and I shoot you in the head a hundred times" I can't remember being so angry at a game character. Not for poor design, or a glitch, but because it was so well handled all I could think about was revenge.

The crafting in that game, the ability to interact with the environment and do things like flip over tables for cover was very well done. The karma Physics engine at its best.

But most of all it was the seemingly unrelated story they kept telling about the Greywings. And slowly over time they begin to weave that into the main game. Simply brilliant story telling. Warren Ellis nailed it. I would love to see this as a movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.