Bethesda is on Fire

Bethesda is on fire with all of their quality releases, utilizing Virtual Reality and the Nintendo Switch's potential.

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Darklink2849d ago

Honestly I want to buy a PSVR just so I can play Doom in VR. That game is tight. Microsoft needs their own VR headset or really they're truly lost IMO, especially considering the power of the XB1 X

-Foxtrot49d ago

Yeah but I mean Bethesda themselves, like as a developer not something made by another studio all I've seen is Skyrim this or Skyrim that, a game which came out in 2011. Then even when you see a mention of Fallout 4 with whatever they've done with that it's a game which came out in 2015.

You'd think we'd see a spiritual successor to New Vegas by now, a new IP or even a single drop of hint worthy info on Elder Scrolls VI.

Darklink2849d ago

it takes into account the generation, not necessarily just now. but right now they are way ahead of the curve.

morganfell49d ago

"...taking advantage of Virtual Reality..."

I wouldn't refer to Skyrim VR and employ the phrase taking advantage in a positive light.

morganfell49d ago

I would barely call it utilization. Any game that does not take advantage and simply utilizes is not availing itself of the medium. It isn't pushing anything forward. It isn't even treading water. It is a step back for VR. Skyrim VR is a ridiculous cash grab...and I say that loving VR, loving PSVR, and loving Skyrim - over 600 hours on various platforms.

Woolly_49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

If VR is actually going to become a thing. . Its only chance is on PC. . until then. .

Bethesda is one of my fav publishers. . they put out some of the best single_player FPS.

Shout out to Id Software and Machine_Games :)

Darklink2849d ago

The people at ID Software are awesome

datriax49d ago

Oh ya, Bethesda is just lighting it up with that VR shovelware.

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