World of Tanks Could Launch on the Switch If The Install Base Gets Big Enough

Wargaming doesn't rule out a launch of World of Tanks on the Nintendo Switch if the install base gets big enough on the console.

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KaiPow439d ago

The Switch could definitely use some more third party multiplayer games!

iofhua438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

I tried it and didn't like it. Once you realize that the best tanks are the ones with the big guns that can land one-shot kills and there's no reason to play anything else, the game gets really lame.

Damn historical accuracy. If they had made the tanks tanky and able to withstand a lot more damage, it could have been really fun. I liked the tanks with the smaller fast-firing guns and I would get annihilated because they just fundamentally suck compared to tanks with big slow-loading guns. In WoT the alpha is king, and the tanks are glorified paper mache against a big enough gun.

Tactics didn't matter. You could hide behind obstacles, slope your armor, try to attack in groups, but at the end the team with the most big guns wins. The tanks are not balanced with each other at each tier. You either make the correct decision and pick the best tank at a given tier, with the biggest bestest gun at that tier, or you lose.

What crap.

I remember a interview with the WoT devs and they were shit-talking Counter-Strike and said that WoT is a "thinking mans game" and that people who like CS would hate the slow methodical strategy of a WoT game. The truth is my average WoT match went faster than my average CS match. If you get a team with the right tanks, there's nothing slow or methodical about the game. You just roflstomp the other team.

iofhua438d ago

If you play this make sure you start with the USSR and get the KV-2 ASAP.

You'll have more fun than I did.

If you're not using the KV-2 at tier 6, you're going to be killed by KV-2's at tier 6.