Xbox One X’s Full Utilization Depends On Games,Difference From PS4 Pro Comes Down to Line-up: Fe Dev

Fe director talks about utilizing the Xbox One X to significantly improve experiences.

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sin7279283d ago

Gamingbolt jesus please gtfo alredy!

stuna1283d ago

I think it also depends just as much on Developers experience and talent. This is the reason we see such big differences in each companies 1st party properties.

spreadlove283d ago

Not just experience, talent and skill, but also resources given. Some studios has more of that than others. Oh, it also better if they don't have a marketing deal that will seek to squash differences.

bluefox755283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Talent is far more important IMO. That's why you see games like UC4 and HZD on PS4, and nothing really comparable from Xbox, even with their new console. MS really need to get ahold of some 1st party talent that will set them apart.

Tko1111283d ago

what a joke ryse, witcher ,gears of war 4 , forza horizon 2,3, forza 7 and tomb raider says hello and ryse is a first year title. graphics don't equal resolution.

oSHINSAo283d ago

Lol everyone, GB used to post a lot of ps4 articles and they were 1080s and full of proud ps4 gamers comments, but now... lets be fair everyone.

andrewsquall282d ago

That's where you are wrong. GB have always had a bigger bias towards Xbox. Look at silly artciles like this for reference.

Look at the damage control even from earlier in the gen. Whenever there was even a CARETAKER at a gaming development studio that made a comment on Xbone's awkward eSRAM architecture, GB were on the scene to downplay its inconvenience to developers and their "next gen" game engines.

Then every single time there was a mention of Xbone getting back some of its already under powered potential with the removal of Kinect from the development kit, they were on the scene saying that Xbone was now on par with the same power as PS4 lol and people lapped it up. The exact same thing goes for DX12 and da cloud.
Look at the 3rd comment from somebody in that article.
"No he just told you they are so close in power hopefully they unlock the 10% power from kinect then they have dx12 coming good chance it will beat the ps4"
This person actually believed that Xbone was around the same power as PS4, 6 months AFTER they were out and there were MANY others like him that never understood what it meant that kinect was already leeching at some of Xbone's power for it to be only returned to the system after launch. And he even convinced himself that the "unlock of 10% power from Kinect" and DX12 would push it further than PS4 too. Too funny.

Gamingbolt were always Gamingbolt.

B1uBurneR283d ago

Wait it's up to devs to make the compromises? Well at least they have options, where as other consoles devs drawing board plan starts with compromises as the title. Good to know that $100 keeps me away from most compromise.

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